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Linking London Lifelong Learning Network – A Framework? Sue Betts Director.

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1 Linking London Lifelong Learning Network – A Framework? Sue Betts Director

2 The London Challenge London requires graduates with level 4 qualifications Andreas Schleichers OECD annual report states we are tumbling down the graduation rate tables – stalling at 39% His report also highlights some 30% of HE starters failing to complete We have now been overtaken by Slovakia, Ireland and Portugal in the number of school leavers we send to university


4 Linking London Update and the Challenge 2009 We are now a partnership of 35 We are currently funded until July 2010 We are now talking to partners about 2010 – 11 The funding body HEFCE have agreed to role forward unspent budget (2010 – 11) with some co-funding from partners After that the partnership – Linking London - is on its own

5 Linking London – what have we learnt so far – the sum is > Funding is critical – clear mission or business plan – partner buy in Good partnership working takes time Work on communication is vital Resources – external to each partner have had an impact over and above their cost The project has to change and evolve The central team has to add value

6 Linking London – what have we done well Publishing The Progression Report 2006 – 09 Helped develop new courses (25) with HE for areas of employment where there were gaps - Local Councils, Youth work, Health Service etc Ensured a more consistent response to vocational learners – almost 50 Progression Agreements signed Commissioned research on employer needs Worked with a variety of stakeholder bodies Lobbied on behalf of partners about issues Supported staff working in new areas e.g. Diplomas, Widening Participation Strategic Assessments etc

7 Linking London – what have we done well? We have brokered partnerships, supported partners with ASNs (£1.3m)and development funds (£750K) to fill gaps in provision – case studies allow us to share good practice We have brokered the engagement of partners with stakeholders – SSCs, the LSEB, fdf, unionlearn, UCAS, LSC etc We have publicised work through our publications and the website

8 Linking London Lifelong Learning Network – what still needs to be done A framework implies something far more predictable and static than our partnership or the policy agenda at the present time Sophistication around the educational offer, especially for part-time vocational learners Transparency is a big issue around admissions, APL, credit etc and greater flexibility for learners where required Partnership working in the future requires building on the trust and commitment of the partners

9 Linking London - the challenge However a period of nil growth is not helpful in collaborative planning Issues in London – unique – half of HE provision in the country is in the capital Partners are very diverse and not equal Quality not quantity seems to be the emerging mantra As the central team we have to add value to the partners

10 Linking London – the challenge In the short, medium and long term Responsibility to HEFCE until 2010 – Was the proposition sound? Were the tools appropriate? 35 different partner agendas? Independent broker, advocate and lobbyist – with no axe to grind – UCAS pilot Support for new work – Economic Challenge Investment Fund – Queen Mary and Westminster European engagement and future funding opportunities

11 Linking London – what we do know We have staff with a range of appropriate skills The partners value what we do We answer to a Board made up of all partners Birkbeck, University of London, our host are prepared to house us in the future as their contribution in kind HEFCE is supportive – as long as the partners are on board

12 Linking London – the future We have two further years to develop the proposition 2009 – 11 We are getting better at telling people what we do – the Link Over the next two years we could help to establish a firm foundation for future HE/ FE strategy work in London – seamless progression across all levels A range of issues could be addressed collectively - we know as an LLN partnership we are stronger Thank you for listening

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