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Team Members: Liam Blizard Carla Bonnenberg Ore Samuel Valeri Gyurdzhekliev Jennifer Ersoz TMA Topic: Agile Software Development BUCI005H5: Working in.

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1 Team Members: Liam Blizard Carla Bonnenberg Ore Samuel Valeri Gyurdzhekliev Jennifer Ersoz TMA Topic: Agile Software Development BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Team A2 Name Storming: InnovationTech LearningCurve ConsultCommerce ConsultIT TechTeam ITTech AgileAgency The A-Team Asquared

2 Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together… Vesta Kelly Team Comments: Greater than the sum of their parts Can achieve when working as a group, stronger. No two snowflakes(aka individuals) are the same A snowflake can easily melt when the heat is on, but a snowball is much tougher. BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) A2 - Snowflakes

3 Team Members: Kola Alausa Guillermo Clemente Jo-Anne Duff Kebir Tafferant TMA Topic: E-Business BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Team Covey Consultants

4 Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success. Stephen Covey Team Comments: Good definition of the benefits of team working where interdependent people(i.e. groups that need to work together because they need some tasks to be done by the other party, exchange information,...) would perform better if they join in a team sharing same goal, values & identity rather than working by just communicating or collaborating. Critique: teams may be problematic: groupthink, no common identity sense or values, needs extra communication & coordination,... Diversity among team members skills helpful on complex tasks but not on simple tasks. BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Covey Consultants - Success

5 Team Members: Maria Del Medico Alex Weitzman Farah Mohamoud Ali Ahmed Piotr Gradzki TMA Topic: Systems Development Life Cycle BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Team Delta Consultancy

6 No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of their rowing… Ralph Waldo Emerson Team Comments: Everyone has to pull the same direction to achieve shared goals. No individual gets a medal unless everyone does, i.e. everyone gets the same result when they pull together. Everyone is equal in getting an end result/reward. If one person is out of sync this impacts negatively on the team as a whole. Everyone is unique in bringing different qualities in addition to their rowing. It takes more that rowing to succeed. Everyone is the same. This is about team building, i.e. Developing over time to achieve a shared goal. BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Delta Consultancy - Rowing

7 BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Team Innovations Team Members: Martin Mesmain Nathalie Grouard Rachel Komenan Tayo Adeyelu Chipo Muchindu TMA Topic: Business Process Re-Engineering

8 BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Innovations - Ways of Thinking Some people are locked into that old fashioned and tiresome habit of thinking based on I am right, you are wrong Edward de Bono, in 'The Positive Revolution', 1991. Team Comments: Flexibility while in a team is paramount along with diplomacy Being open to the ideas of others - compromise Sharing ideas - being open to suggestions and being open-minded Being able to give a contribution to the goals of the team The individual contributions can not match up to that of the whole (team) Thinking you are always right means that your mind is closed to the possibility of others having something valuable to add to the task

9 Team Members: Laurentiu George Stancu Mariam Mohamad Dominique Anderson John Akinmayowa TMA Topic: Customer Relationship Management BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Team Discovery

10 BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought... Albert Szent-Gyorgyi von Nagyrapolt Team Comments: Expressing stimulation of explorations based on tests that have not been evaluated. Being open minded and creative, always looking to innovate Finding the truth behind mysteries that are not covered by any other means. Building and believing progress from findings and increasing willingness to welcome new ideas. Allow mistakes to happen, welcome criticisms in order to accomplish sharing objectives. Having a different perspective on current ideas Discovery

11 BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Team Empire Consulting Team Members: Jane Batui Dorota Kleina Alec Lyon Joan Torrent Roberto Troncoso TMA Topic: Total Quality Management

12 BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11) Empire Consulting Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Henry Ford Team Comments: Describes the evolution of a successful organisation, in this case Henry Fords motor vehicle company. The organisation of the Ford production line illustrates how Teams can be successful. In particular how they come together, evolve and progress. Implies a common goal and clear objectives. The stress on the work together suggests that bonding is a necessity. An important factor, particularly in times of stress.

13 Team Members: Adam Muse David Long Jekaterina Subina Lalith Pigera Minh Dang TMA Topic: Search Engine Optimization BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11)13 Team Arrow Consultants Name Storming: Arrow Consultants Arrowbase Consultants Arrow Solutionists Blue Arrow Consultants Target IT Jackpot For IT IT Mine

14 A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle. Japanese proverb Team Comments: There is strength in numbers, individual strengths can be combined, weaknesses diminished. Alone your weaknesses are visible but as part of a team much harder to exploit. BUCI005H5: Working in Teams (2010/11)14 Arrow Consultants - A Single Arrow

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