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1 Linking London Lifelong Learning Network Employer Engagement Event 27 January 2010

2 What is Build Up? HEFCE ECIF Fund: £450k Westminster Works (WCC): £80k Collaborative project Professional Bodies CIC, LLLN, London First CaSE, SABE, WBS & SECS Launched 3 August 2009 Runs until end of September 2010

3 What is Build Up? Programme aimed at professionals from the Built Environment sector who have been affected by the current recession Offers the opportunity to identify and develop skills in key shortage areas Focus on environment (the Green Agenda) and collaboration Targets: 1500 places offered to 800 participants

4 Career Focus Workshops Encourage professional networking and peer support Facilitate personal development goal setting, skills awareness and action planning Signpost to relevant professional resources Identify potential new professional development requirements

5 Developing Talent Short Courses A range of short courses (2 to 5 days long) Aimed at enhancing skills within a multi-disciplinary context covering: Climate change Community empowerment and planning Design skills Negotiation and business relationship building Economic skills in a changing market Project management Promoting your business through IT

6 Innovative Collaboration Live Projects Drawing on the full range of built environment disciplines, the projects offer the opportunity to work alongside other industry professionals to undertake project-based work, involving local authorities and not-for-profit organisations. Lasting 8 to 10 weeks the projects offer participants (up to 15 per team) the opportunity to: Develop inter-professional working techniques Identify new ways of looking at urban issues Develop real solutions to real built environment issues across London Focus on the development of green skills and outline different approaches to low carbon and sustainable community issues

7 Build Up Events Seminars and Networking Sessions The State and Future of the Built Environment: CIC and Experian Ad hoc sessions (responsive to participants needs) Starting your own business Career development ??

8 How have we done so far? 20 Career Focus workshops 45 Short courses 5 Live Projects More to come…

9 How have we done so far? 462 Registrations Professional backgrounds: Architecture Building Services Construction Housing Planning Structural Engineering Surveying Sustainability Consultancy Transport Urban Design Urban Regeneration 120 joined our Build Up LinkedIn Group Over 400 new employer contacts

10 Challenges Moving quickly Capacity Participant management Solutions Small, responsive team External venues New Build Up website/management system

11 Next Steps: Creating a legacy Employer Engagement Embedded within the University of Westminsters Employer Engagement Strategy Short courses and projects relevant to the development needs of business Sponsorship of participants and courses (redundancy packages) Support the provision of courses Accreditation service Strategies for engagement Strengthening relationship with Westminster City Council Brokerage of employer relationships via London First, LDA Promotion of programme to current and new employer links Create a knowledge hub – LinkedIn, website Upside-down conference Knowledge sharing events

12 Further Information: www. Laura Harding Build Up Project Director 0790 373 22222

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