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Postgraduate Teaching Coordinators Meeting 2 nd July 2012.

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1 Postgraduate Teaching Coordinators Meeting 2 nd July 2012

2 Agenda Updates Attendance at Learning and Teaching Courses Teaching Induction sessions SET and PGRs AOB

3 Postgraduate Teaching Award 2012 Winners Sam Beatson – School of Contemporary Chinese Studies Helen Wainwright – Dept of Art History Peter Watts – Dept of Theology and Religious Studies Highly Commended Rebecca Harper – Dept of German Studies Jeannie Holstein and Shelley Clark – Nottingham University Business School

4 Attendance at L&T Sessions 2011/2012

5 L&T Sessions Available on Central Short CoursesCentral Short Courses Majority of courses open to postgraduate research students Free Usually half day sessions PGRs receive training credits for attendance at the majority of sessions

6 SessionNo. Sess Attendance PGRRes Staff OtherTotal Demonstrating in Lab practicals1320198218 Marking & Assessment7134103147 Teaching Induction692122106 Core teaching skills586151102 Small Group Teaching55617073 New to Teaching Conference1674071 Lecturing for Learning55016167 How do students learn?44510055 Intensive Learning and Teaching Programme (ILTP)32526253 Public speaking skills3365041 Associate Teachers Programme (ATP)11320336 Marking & Assessment for Scientists2283233 Teaching students from different cultures3235028

7 SessionNo. Sess Attendance PGRRes Staff OtherTotal English Pronunciation2206026 Engage, Excite, Enhance: Top tips for T&L!2146020 Emotional Intelligence in Teaching2136120 Creative toolbox: Applying creative tools to T&L2135119 How do I get my students to be academic writers and critical thinkers 3125017 Using your voice effectively288016 Story telling as a tool to enhance L&T26208 Evaluating your teaching16118 Making connections: Brain-Friendly Teaching13407 Supporting Example classes17007 Supporting students doing projects and dissertations 13407 Developing student motivation through feedback12204




11 Non-attendance questionnaire 234 PGRs sent questionnaire 94 responded (40%) Some comments received: I wrote it in the wrong place in my diary. I am working at being more organised with planning my time. I did not realize I had a place booked. I woke up ill this Monday and was feeling too weak to attend. It was a cold. Was booked at the same time with another course I am auditing. Was booked for a supervising meeting at the same time, and was informed in the same morning. I wake up very late on that day due to lack of sleep the day before. Alarm clock failed to ring. All apologies for not being able to come, but I completely forgot about it. TOO BUSY TO CHECK EMAILS.


13 School-based courses Chemistry – Small Group Teaching, Demonstrating Physics – Marking and Assessment, Demonstrating Vet School – Demonstrating Pharmacy – Demonstrating Engineering - Marking and Assessment, Demonstrating

14 Summary 963 pgrs attended 78 L&T sessions in 11/12 Schools vary widely in how they utilise the training On average 22% of booked places are not attended Majority of pgrs only miss 1 session, but 15 did miss more than 3 Sessions can be run within schools if required Any questions???

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