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Important Abolitionists, African American Leaders, & Reformers.

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2 Important Abolitionists, African American Leaders, & Reformers

3 Frederick Douglas (Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey) Successfully escaped slavery in 1838 Abolitionists and Writer Taught slaves to read Conferred with Abraham Lincoln on ending slavery and Andrew Johnson on voting rights for blacks

4 Harriet Beecher Stowe Wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin When she met President Lincoln, he said “So, you’re the little lady that started this war.”

5 Sojourner Truth aka … Isabella Baumfree Escaped from slavery in 1826 Abolitionists and women’s rights advocate In 1851, gave a speech called “Ain’t I a woman?” at a women’s rights convention

6 Harriet Tubman Union spy during Civil War Helped set up Underground Railroad Supported women’s right to vote

7 Dorothea (Dorothy) Dix Army nurse during Civil War Taught Sunday School at a jail for women Fought for better conditions for the mentally ill

8 Elizabeth Cady Stanton Spoke about ending slavery Fought for women’s right to vote Supported temperance movement Wrote a Declaration of Sentiments demanding equality in 1848 (was modeled after the Declaration of Independence)

9 Susan B. Anthony Demanded laws giving women the right to own property and earn wages She said “A woman must have a purse of her own.”

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