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EPARs (electronic Personal and Academic Records).

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1 ePARs (electronic Personal and Academic Records)

2 ePARs ePARs… –is a web-based system used by students and staff working in partnership –is integrated with the personal tutoring system at the University of Nottingham –combines records of academic progress with reflective records of personal development –enables students to plan module choices, develop a CV, identify and evidence transferable skills –captures evidence to demonstrate the quality of academic support and guidance

3 Secure, authenticated access for 3 user categories… School/Dept Admin – Tutor – Student ePARs - Login

4 ePARs - Student Top level navigation

5 ePARs - Student … address details …module choices and marks …and the New Entrant Profile which is submitted before the student first attends the University Links to…

6 Example content from a New Entrant Profile ePARs - Student

7 The Tutors page gives details of tutors ePARs - Student

8 One students tutorial diary for the current session. Tutorial dates, times and content are set at School/Dept. level Click to book a tutorial ePARs - Student

9 Appointment times are available in 10 min slots in this instance Green = available Blue = already booked Clicking on a green slot makes the appointment and the tutor is advised by e-mail ePARs - Student

10 Topics or agenda items are pre-set by the School/Dept. but the student/tutor can add their own topics for discussion Links indicate a requirement to enter preparation for the meeting ePARs - Student

11 Tutorial preparation – once notes are entered these are available to the tutor in advance of the meeting ePARs - Student

12 Notes and action plans can be added after the meeting ePARs - Student

13 The logbook area is private but for some courses e.g. PGCE, students have the option to share items with tutors and/or other students ePARs - Student

14 The Personal Evidence Database (PED) is used to record detail about the students key qualities, activities and achievements ePARs - Student

15 Overview of the skills area of PED ePARs - Student

16 At the end of their course, students have the option to collate and extract all their ePARs input ePARs - Student

17 Advice is available on compiling a CV… ePARs - Student

18 …as well as an area where information can be collated into a basic, draft CV ePARs - Student

19 ePARs - Tutor Tutor system preferences are set up using the my profile page – a similar area is available to students

20 General notices for all tutees are posted on the notice board ePARs - Tutor

21 The tutor sets availability for tutorials by using the grid on the availability page. Clicking once on the start time and then…

22 …on the end time… the intervening slots are filled in green ePARs - Tutor

23 The tutor can access the tutorial diary for each tutee…

24 …and can view the topics and any preparation for each meeting by clicking the topics button… ePARs - Tutor

25 …by clicking the links, the tutor has read access to any of the pre-tutorial preparation submitted by the student ePARs - Tutor

26 The tutor can add post meeting notes and view any notes the student may have entered ePARs - Tutor

27 If necessary the tutor can also record detail from any additional meetings which have taken place ePARs - Tutor

28 The tutor can view the skills chart (PED) and any recorded activities for each tutee… ePARs - Tutor

29 The tutor can also include comments in the students PED

30 ePARs ePARs – Aims and Objectives –To provide students with a record of academic progress and performance so that progress is documented –To encourage students to reflect on progress and to record self-evaluations in relation to academic work, leisure interests and general skills –To help improve learning and focus thinking on career options and building an effective CV –To set academic qualities and achievements in a wider context

31 ePARs ePARs – Required Processes (through personal tutoring) –Three or more scheduled meetings between personal tutor and student (or two meetings if one-to-one meetings are complemented by group meetings) –The scheduled meetings should provide the opportunity to monitor/review student progress, discuss assessment results and check if there are any matters affecting academic progress –In liaison with the Centre for Career Development, p rovide support to the student with regard to career plans

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