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Fox Studios International Internship Program. What is it? A unique opportunity for 3 students to spend 8 weeks working as an intern at one of the most.

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1 Fox Studios International Internship Program

2 What is it? A unique opportunity for 3 students to spend 8 weeks working as an intern at one of the most prestigious studios in Hollywood The internships are open to all students in the School irrespective of their degree. Please note that Year 1 students cannot apply to the scheme.

3 The Fox lot

4 What will I do? Each student will be allocated according to their potential and interests to any one of the key areas, ranging from production to marketing and distribution From this year, they will be open to all departments at Fox, including Film and Television As in all internships, you must be prepared to carry out (with a smile!) a considerable amount of office work as well as routine tasks


6 When is it? The dates for 2009 are: June 1 st to August 1 st. Please note that, should the need arise, there may be slight changes to the starting/end dates The total length of the internship is therefore 8 weeks Special arrangements will be made for should an exam fall within the internship period for the students selected

7 Who is eligible to apply? Year 1: not eligible Year 2 & Year 3: a) pass on all modules at level 1 (except for subsids modules) + b) an average 2:1 mark overall. MA : a) 2:1 average in modules assesed up to the point of application Research (MRes and PhD): on schedule with studies (statement from your supervisor)

8 How will students be selected? All interested students who are eligible to apply will submit an application (more on this later). A number of students will be shortlisted for interview by a panel composed of school staff. Three students will be selected after the interviews.

9 What are the criteria for selection? Attitude Team player Academic performance Youd be ready to do one of the following (preferably all) to get in the industry: beg, borrow, steal, sell ideas, sell anything… well, not quite!

10 How much will it cost? You need to consider carefully the financial implications A relatively cautious breakdown of cost: Shared accommodation: £800 a month Food: £250 a month Transport: difficult to budget as you may need car hire (expensive for under 25 in US) Air fare: £500/£700 (depending on time of booking) You may also wish to budget for extras

11 Hours of service You will be working on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays normal office hours 9.00am-5.00pm Please note that there will be days when work falls outside these parameters and may include evening and/or week-end work In short, be prepared to be flexible!

12 In other words, there will be some of this…

13 … but more of this…

14 How can I apply? Consider finances Check your grades Do you really want to do it? If all above are ok, then please send email to Stuart Wright (school office) at: to register your interest. Early next year you will be emailed an application pack.

15 What documents do I need? Passport (valid at least six months beyond the completion date of the internship) Health and safety assessment (to be carried out within School) There are no vaccinations required but it is important that you let us know if you suffer from any medical condition or disability as wed obviously need to let FS know (if confidentially of course)

16 What needs to go in the application pack? Your application will consist of three documents: 1) a form detailing your personal details and other relevant information 2) an up-to-date resume (CV) 3) a one-page statement on why you wish to be selected

17 What kind of support will I receive? Prior to departure: There will be a series of induction sessions aimed at ensuring that you will begin your internship with some useful knowledge of key aspects, including life in LA, dos and donts as an intern, etc. We will also support you in finding accommodation and other related aspects While you are there: I will visit you to check everything is ok and will be available at all other times for emergencies

18 What kind of support will I receive? During the internship period You can contact the school at any point (well provide you with contact numbers). Your first port of call while at Fox will be Zola Mashariki. Zola is SVP of Production at FS and head of the internship programme. She started her career as an intern so shell be very sympathetic to your needs. Other people will probably be more important on a day-to-day basis, such as your head of department at Fox and Aimee Hoffman who runs the schemes logistics

19 Zola Mashariki and FS office

20 Peter Rice Peter is a former University of Nottingham graduate from our School Peter (pictured in the next slide clutching a little-known award…) was instrumental in suggesting the scheme and implementing it. He also started his career as an intern so he is aware of the demands of the job…

21 Your future boss ?... …and Danny Boyle

22 What am I required to do after the internship has finished? After the internship: There will be a debriefing session to gather your views about your experience to improve the scheme for future students You will also need to make yourself available to: a) give a presentation to all students; b) act as mentors to the next 3 students selected to go in 2011. Please note: the above applies even if you are finishing your studies this year.

23 Key dates/deadlines Expression of interest (email to Stuart Wright) Applications are due in early next year (deadlines to be announced in due course) Ten students will be shortlisted based on the applications Those ten will be interviewed to selected the lucky three. A committee including teaching and non- teaching staff will shortlist and interview.

24 How can I find out more? Talk to Gianluca! Hell be happy to answer your questions, today and at any point. You can email him at: You can phone him on: +44 (0)115 8467466

25 Previous interns (2008/09 intake)

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