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JISC e-Science All Hands Meeting Sept 2007 Gareth J Johnson.

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1 JISC e-Science All Hands Meeting Sept 2007 Gareth J Johnson

2 RSP Series (Part II) 2 ND OF 3 RSP talks (1) RSP & OA (2) The Depot (3) OpenDOAR & RoMEO/JULIET services Talk follows on from this morning Open Access & Institutional repositories Perceived OA benefits Funders mandates The Repositories Support Project (RSP)

3 UK Repositories Data from OpenDOAR Map generated by Repository 66

4 What is The Depot A service that enables all UK researchers to deposit their academic papers and other outputs under terms of Open Access Including those whose institution does not yet have a repository Launched in June 2007 Preliminary research 2006 Managed by EDINA, Edinburgh Funded by JISC Supported by SHERPA & RSP


6 Who is The Depot For? Provided as a UK national facility Supporting UK universities & National funding agencies Open Access policies Aids policy development in advance of a comprehensive institutional repository network Operates as a trusted repository for other sites Academics with no institutional repository Deposit in The Depot Ensures/allows compliance with funding mandates JISC Strategy Institutional repositories not centralised services Provides the last piece of JISCs strategy in supporting IRs

7 How does the Depot work? An interim supporting measure Whilst IR networks develop Bridging the gap between nothing and something Repository junction function Draws on invaluable community i-resources OpenDOAR & RoMEO Alerts and links to appropriate institutional resources for users with IRs Accepts deposits from those who do not



10 What Goes in the Depot Main objective Ingest of post-review articles into the Depot Published papers from researchers at institutions that do not currently have an institutional repository. It conforms to institutional repository standards E.g. OAI-PMH protocol Search engine services can locate and use contents Special compliance with Intute: Repository Search

11 Why Deposit? A keep-safe repository Institutions will be notified when deposits are made Offers a safe harbour for research Offers equality of OA research benefits to all Doesnt offer all IR benefits Such as showcase function and IPR asset management Exit strategy Eventual content migration to local servers Will support transfer of relevant content to help populate new institutional repositories Legacy access from tombstone citations on Depot

12 Put it in the Depot Contact EDINA for more information Tel: 0131-650-3302

13 Gareth J Johnson

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