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HNC/D Administration and IT Quality Review Team Update.

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1 HNC/D Administration and IT Quality Review Team Update

2 Mandatory Units for HNC/D ITiB: Word Processing and Presentation Skills (2) ITiB: Spreadsheets (1) Office Administration (1) Office Technologies (1) Recording Financial Transactions (1) Communication (1) – unchanged Personal Development Planning (1) ITiB: Databases (1) – awaiting core skill validation

3 Mandatory Units for HND ITiB: Advanced Word Processing (1) ITiB: Advanced Spreadsheets (1) ITiB: Advanced Databases (1) Presentation Skills (1) Office Management (2) ICT in Business (2) * Developing the Individual within a Team (1) at level 7 or 8* *in final stages prior to validation and core skill validation

4 Graded Units Graded Unit 1 retained as an exam-based unit (1) –Minor change made to timing of papers (45 minutes paper 1 and 2 hours 15 minutes for paper 2) Graded Unit 2 retained as an exam-based unit (1) Graded Unit 3 retained as a project-based unit (1) –Minor changes made to content of all the Graded Units to ensure knowledge matched that of the revised mandatory units –Still subject to validation

5 Core Skills – HNC Exit Profile HNC should have the following core skills embedded: –Communication at level 6 –ICT at level 5 –Problem solving at level 5 * –Working with Others level 5 or 6 (DIWAT)* –Significant effort was made to ensure that core skills were clearly signposted and/or embedded across all units where the opportunity arose * DIWAT Awaiting core skill validation

6 Core Skills – HND Exit Profile Communication at level 6 ICT at level 6 Numeracy at level 6* Problem-solving at level 6 Working with others* - again, significant work spent identifying opportunities for signposting/embedding across all units * awaiting core skills validation

7 Credit Transfer Just a reminder: Credit Transfer is ultimately the responsibility of the Centre. However, we are currently looking at: –Straight route into HND year 2 from current HNC –Producing a table to show where content of the mandatory units have changed although this will only include the current HNC/D units It is likely that units from the older HNC/D would need to be mapped to the new units on an ad hoc basis – issues of currency come into play here. BUT, details have yet to be finalised.

8 Review of Optional Units A number of units have expired/will expire in the near future Replacement units have been produced BUT, there may be some optional units that are: –No longer relevant –Absolutely necessary for articulation purposes –Knowledge/skills not currently available in unit form (ie new knowledge/skills) We are looking for guidance from you on what the list should look like – more later

9 Recent Market Research Another survey questionnaire was issued in September 2009 to Employers whose staff members had recently completed the HNC/D AIT award –100% considered HNC/D AIT was relevant for both recruitment AND staff development –100% agreed that the qualification developed the appropriate skills (63.3% strongly) –100% agreed that the qualification helps prepared staff for work (45.5% strongly) –70% agree that routes into professional body recognition are important (30% strongly) –All core skills are necessary in administration posts

10 Result Increased flexibility – statement of what to do,not how to do; as long as centres adhere to the Evidence Requirements Centres have much more freedom on the HOW Reduced assessment load (able to assess across units, eg spreasheets and RFT) Instead of identifying just one unit for core skill embedding/signposting – all units were considered DDA compliant

11 Whats next... Currently working on the Validation Proposal Document Date for Validation Event is 28 th January 2010 E-assessment – this award is well placed to take full advantage of e-assessment opportunites Look forward to seeing you at the Launch Event

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