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Interdisciplinary Project 2009/2010 Vicki Simpson, St Kentigerns Academy, West Lothian

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1 Interdisciplinary Project 2009/2010 Vicki Simpson, St Kentigerns Academy, West Lothian

2 1 pupil met Baccalaureate criteria S5 gained Higher French, Higher Italian, Higher English S6 Advanced Higher English & Advanced Higher Italian

3 Pupil had a column in which to work on IP Teacher met with pupil during non-contact periods.

4 Idea for proposal came from pupils future career aspiration- journalism and a departmental need e-Twinning. Fulfilled requirements of IP: Ability to use Target languages Links with outside agencies Potential to develop all skills

5 Clear timeline negotiated with pupil at this stage. Proposal and Plan presented to panel as part of internal verification process. Cross checked against IP Criteria for both stages

6 Aims: To twin with a school in Italy and France through British Council e-Twinning programme To create and exchange cultural e-magazine with each school Work with younger pupils to provide opportunity to write for a real purpose and read for enjoyment (CfE) Promote Citizenship and the value of learning languages within the school

7 Virtual Environments: British Council e-Twinning site Magazine Factory site Real People/ Agencies: Teacher in Verona French teacher in Annecy Journalists News Agency School contacts outside Languages Faculty: School Magazine co-ordinator School website manager

8 Italian & French E-mail contact with teachers in Italy & France Producing packs for classes to aid with writing articles Editing articles written by pupils English Presentations at Proposal/Plan stage Final Presentation of project to panel



11 Teacher as pupil mentor Cross checked all stages with PTC who also attended some meetings and also counter-signed all documentation. Proposal and Plan presented to panel of 4. Project findings/ Final presentation presented to panel of 6, PTC, DHT, HT, EO, Science Teacher and myself Panel commented on SQA criteria and have been included in assessors notes for each stage.

12 Difficulty in securing link for journalism aspect. Surprisingly hard to make contact with a French school. Negotiating time to meet with student. Stepping back and trusting student to be independent.

13 Start proposal stage before summer holidays. Push for teacher time as well as pupil time. Network with other departments in school- share the load, not just for Language/English Teachers. Negotiate clear timelines at beginning of project but be prepared to be flexible. Project should come from pupil passion/ career aspiration. Dont worry!

14 I myself have noticed that whereas previously I tended to ask for help as soon as I encountered any problem, now I am more likely to independently find a logical solution. Feedback from presentations has always been very positive and I have broadened by skills by presenting in a more formal manner to different audiences.

15 My report writing and use of specific subject has become more sophisticated in English and Modern Studies. Also, my vocabulary and understanding of grammar has increased in both written and spoken Italian. According to many of my teachers there has been a noticeable difference in my ability to use different research techniques (focus groups, questionnaires, ICT support and in literature). Due to the nature of the project and the circumstances of my studying Adv. Higher Italian I have an increased ability to work independently and demonstrate leadership skills working in groups and with younger yeargroups.

16 Vicki Simpson, St Kentigerns Academy, West Lothian

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