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Confederate States of America By Morgan Tobey 1861-1865.

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1 Confederate States of America By Morgan Tobey 1861-1865

2 The Rise of the Confederacy Election of 1860, Democratic Party split John C. Breckinridge- Southern Rights Democrat Stephen A. Douglas- Democrat John Bell- Constitutional Union Abraham Lincoln- Republican Lincoln defeats every individual Lower south secedes

3 The Beginning of the Confederacy After Lincoln was elected, seven states seceded: South Carolina December 20, 1860 Mississippi January 9, 1861 Florida January 10, 1861 Alabama January 11, 1861 Georgia January 19, 1861 Louisiana January 26, 1861 Texas February 1, 1861


5 The Constitution The seven states met in Montgomery, Alabama- the capital- and wrote a constitution Constitution promised slavery in states and territories Strengthened states’ rights Didn’t let Congress make protective tariffs President gets one six-year term Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens elected President and V.P.


7 Results of Fort Sumter The confederates had their first victory and a sense of pride Four more states seceded : Virginia April 17, 1861 Arkansas May 6, 1861 Tennessee May 7, 1861 North Carolina May 20, 1861


9 Economy Reluctant to raise taxes to pay for war Began printing treasury notes Caused major inflation Confederate $1= Union 1cent King Cotton Diplomacy War destroyed economy

10 People Most did not own slaves Most were small farmers Many fought to defend homeland Religious and used Bible to defend slavery Slaves became Christian

11 Important Figures in the Confederacy Robert E. Lee- commander-in-chief of the Confederate army “Stonewall” Jackson- commander who never backed down

12 Important Figures Jefferson Davis- president of the Confederacy P.G.T. Beauregard-general who won at First Battle of Bull Run

13 Fall of the Confederacy Lee surrenders Union takes Richmond Davis captured By June all confederates surrender Reconstruction begins

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