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HND Frameworks Launch: Training Event for Centres April (Beijing)

3 Introduction – SQA Staff – UK based
Christine Keenan, Qualifications Manager – Hospitality/Travel & Tourism/Supply Chain Management Sharon O’Neil, Qualifications Manager – Global Trade and Business Bobby Elliot, Qualifications Manager – Computing –Networking/Technical Support/Software Development Mark Hill, International Project Officer

4 Introduction – SQA Staff China based
Mary Gao, Quality Enhancement Manager Toni Yang, China Country Manager, Business Development William Zhang, Qualification Verification Champion

5 Introduction - Subject Experts/External Verifiers
Ella Young – Travel and Tourism Derek Stewart – Hospitality Ken White – Supply Chain Management Iain Walker – Global Trade & Business David McAlistair – Global Trade & Business Gillian Leitch – Computing Shaun Millar - Computing

6 Introduction – Purpose of Event
Qualifications focus Practitioner focus Update, information, support and guidance available Feedback Output from Event – help you and colleagues effectively introduce and deliver the new HND frameworks

7 Format of Event Presentations to give information/update
Workshops - informal groups for learning and encouraging discussion – tailored for each HND framework Surgery – to allow one to one discussion with practitioners/subject experts Identifying and sharing good practice Question & Answer Sessions Full programme for the 2 days in delegate packs

8 Format of Event Pack for each delegate – includes programme for each HND, copies of all presentations and workshop materials Tuesday a.m. – provide information Tuesday p.m. – HND specific workshop Wednesday a.m. – HND specific workshop Wednesday p.m. – open subject specific surgeries

9 Why do we review qualifications?
Ensure knowledge and skills are current Reflect needs and expectations of all stakeholders Maintain and enhance credibility Capture and reflect current good practice Refine with benefit of delivery experience

10 Why do we review qualifications
Frequency of reviews Level of review Interdependencies between reviews and different HND frameworks, for example….

11 HND Hospitality - interdependencies
Unit Name Comment Accommodation Servicing No change Business Accounting Updated as part of business review Food and Beverage Service Food Hygiene Intermediate Hospitality Financial and Control Systems Hospitality Front Office Procedures 1 Hospitality Front Office Procedures 2 Hospitality Industry Updated as part of hospitality review Hospitality Supervision Updated as part of the hospitality review Information Technology: Application Software 1 Managing Hospitality Organisations 2 Hospitality Management: Graded Unit 1 Updated spec New code Work Experience Replaces DT47 33 Industrial Experience in the Hospitality Industry Accommodation Management Gastronomy Managing Financial Resources in Hospitality Human Resource Management Practice Kitchen Planning and Design Management of Food and Beverage Operations Managing People and Organisations Hospitality Management: Graded Unit 2 New spec/New code

12 Keeping Uptodate – SQA website

13 Any Questions??



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