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Learning Together Andy Wright Assistant Principal Curriculum.

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1 Learning Together Andy Wright Assistant Principal Curriculum

2 Key Themes Partnership ethos between Learners and Organisation. HMIe review Curriculum for Excellence themes. New Learning to Improve Culture (The future) Measuring Distance travelled. Not just focusing on Teaching.

3 Key Tools Staff development and Audit on Citizenship/Employability in Programmes Action Plans For Citizenship and Employability Monitoring for Citizenship and Employability Cross College ILPs developed and Implemented (and monitored) Learning Together Culture adopted. E Portfolio roll out on Employability to 14 full time programmes across the curriculum

4 Key Themes NQ Employability Units built into mainstream delivery with identification of Employability opportunities. Individual Learning Plans to Measure distance travelled in Softer Skills rolled out. ILPs piloted to dovetail with E portfolios pilot. Tutorials used to utilise ILPs Citizenship opportunities developed in each programme. Focus not just on Core Qualification Teaching

5 Learning Together

6 Individual Learning Plans

7 E-ILP Student 1 Student 2 ILP

8 Citizenship/Employability

9 E Portfolio comments. SICN Video Example Sean ConnerySean Connery

10 Future Key Issues Development of all areas of these key issues Focus on Learning to Improve Individual learning Flexible Learning Curriculum for Excellence Partnership where we are a facilitator to creating opportunities. Affect people throughout their lives.

11 You can do it at your local College

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