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First Year Milestones June ‘09

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1 Studying the Scottish Science Baccalaureate at Forth Valley College Lynn Borthwick

2 First Year Milestones June ‘09
Launch event with the education minister Induction event to introduce students to the library, labs and computers Session on managing projects by Biotechnology project manager

3 Milestones August/September ’09
Submission of proposal by students for project Project management computing training for students to construct a Gantt chart Session on proceeding to planning stage of project

4 Milestones November- May
Visit for life science students to centre for regenerative medicine Students meet Anne Glover (Chief government scientific advisor) Students are given the opportunity to visit the Parliament and question politicians on current scientific issues

5 Milestones November- May
Visit for all students to the science centre sponsored by SQA Students hear Heather Reid give motivational speech, and are given training on science communication

6 Success Students have been given autonomy to choose projects which interest them Opportunities have been given to students to meet top scientists from different areas Students meet pupils from other schools and are given a taste of what this will be like at university Preparation for the world of work and further and higher education is given Students have been given training in project management software and science communication

7 Challenges Distance issues: some schools are geographically far away and students cannot attend on a regular basis Communication with schools has not been easy- this could be overcome by each school nominating a Bacc ‘champion’ Students struggling with motivation and the responsibility of managing their own project

8 2009/10 Selected Projects Alcohol hand wash gels Stem cell research
Vitamin content of imported and home grown foods Biodiesel manufacture Carbon Capture Technology Anti-ageing creams

9 Second Year Milestones
Launch event in June with presentations from completing students June workshops on broad contexts and getting started Students working on proposal ideas over summer Retention of most participating schools and new schools on board

10 2nd Year Improvements August - Deadlines agreed by staff and posted on Moodle before students return. Move target dates to complete all stages by end Jan 11 Agreed contact links with schools – one lecturer per school, one lecturer per student

11 2nd Year Improvements Soft skills support staff part of team – SWOT analysis Suggested workshops proposed to pupils: independent working / problem solving Research Skills Planning Skills Networking Skills Presentation Skills Self Evaluation

12 Project Ideas 2010/11 Impact of cosmetics on teenage skin
Mental health issues for teenagers Aerofoils history and future developments Gender specific toys’ impact on child development Artificial Intelligence

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