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Skills for Work: Health Sector Cardonald College School of Health.

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2 Skills for Work: Health Sector Cardonald College School of Health

3 Delivery Variety of students: –Intermediate 1 students, Jan – June intake –3 rd & 4 th year pupils in college, one afternoon per week for 2 years –3 rd & 4 th year pupils in school – 2 mornings per week for 2 years Possible ESF course, full time for 18 weeks, which may include a placement

4 Sequence of Course Delivery This varied with each class group Pupils were instrumental in choosing this from induction session School outreach group it was more dependant on resources, guest speakers etc. Int 1 were immersed in units in 18 week course

5 Lecturers experience: Skills & knowledge in a broad vocational area Core Skills – easily embedded An understanding of the workplace gained Positive attitudes to learning from students Skills and attitudes for employability developed

6 Learning through practical experience Learning through reflecting at all stages of the experience Generic skills/attitudes valued by employers Progression – work experience or Int 2 Support materials good Gender mix Understand the Patient Journey

7 Staff comments: fantastic, loved teaching this it is what we have been needing for so long students are so engaged in their learning student evaluations are super integration of assessment is so meaningful to students

8 Students comments: I am aware now of what I do not want to work in, and where I fit in I love the practical classes – we are always up and working I would have liked a placement, and a uniform!

9 Visits/ Visitors Anatomy museum Glasgow University Optical Express St Andrews Ambulance Neo Natal Nurse Blood Transfusion Service Ex patients Childsmile PERL - Gartnavel


11 Practical Activities Temperature, Pulse, Respiration Blood Pressure BMI Peak Flow Urine testing Moving and Handling techniques Bedmaking Personal care, to wash, oral hygiene, eye care

12 Dispensing of Medication Wound Care Injection technique Intravenous Infusions Microbiolgy petri dishes

13 Issues Permission for outings for school pupils was initially a problem – now resolved Payment for transport – now resolved More difficult in schools: Transporting equip to school Lack of suitable environment in school Guest speakers – initially difficult, but we are overcoming this

14 Risk assessment has to be considered, and advice from H&S officer and school

15 Progression Pupils are moving on to 5 th Year in summer, most are staying at school Intermediate 1 class, most moved to Intermediate 2 class Some into employment in care


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