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Introducing Unit Specifications and Unit Assessment Support Packs

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2 Introducing Unit Specifications and Unit Assessment Support Packs
Hospitality : Practical Cake Craft National 5 Mhairi A Mackay Principal Verifier

3 Unit Assessment Assessments can be designed to provide evidence across more than one Unit or Outcome – combined assessments Evidence can take a number of forms – may be a combination of written, practical, oral and/or recorded Greater range of techniques and methodologies for assessment – encouraged through Unit assessment support packages More opportunities to gather naturally occurring evidence – assessment as part of learning and teaching

4 Unit Structure National 5 Cake Baking Cake Finishing
Practical Activity – Assessment Task

5 Key points: Hospitality Practical Cake Craft Units
standards remain the same have no hierarchical Unit structure as there is only one level – National 5  develops cake-baking and cake-finishing skills, and creativity in cake finishing, in a range of production methods embeds food safety and hygiene skills, and how to work safely and hygienically at all levels develops organisational skills in the context of managing time and resources has an added value practical activity assessment that provides personalisation and choice In the first two years, it is mandatory to use SQA materials

6 Unit Specifications National 5
Unit - Cake Finishing Outcome 1 – Prepare for finishing cakes and other baked items Assessment Standards 1.1 Selecting suitable fillings and coatings 1.2 Planning the stages of finishing 1.3 Selecting, accurately weighing and measuring the ingredients, following recipes where appropriate, and taking account of proportions where necessary 1.4 following safe and hygienic working practices

7 Unit Specifications Evidence Requirements for this Unit:
Assessors should use their professional judgement, subject knowledge and experience, and understanding of their learners, to determine the most appropriate ways to generate evidence and the conditions and contexts in which they are used. Evidence should be gathered in combination with other Outcomes where possible, either from this Unit or in combination with the Outcomes from the Cake Baking unit. Evidence may also be gathered for individual Outcomes where appropriate.

8 Unit Specifications For this Unit, learners will be required to provide evidence of their ability to: creatively apply finishing techniques to a range of cakes and other baked items work safely and hygienically

9 Unit Assessment Support Packages - purpose
UASPs can be used to: Assess your candidates Adapt for your own assessment programmes Help you develop your own assessments

10 UASPs – key features Valid from August 2013
Designed to encourage professional judgement Provide broad-based tasks – allow assessors to choose appropriate context and forms of evidence Show range of approaches to generating assessment evidence Give information on the type of evidence which could be gathered and how this is to be judged against Assessment Standards

11 Hospitality: Practical Cake Craft UASPs
Package 1 Unit by Unit approach– discrete assessment tasks for each Unit and combining of skills within Units N5 Package 2 Combined Unit Approach Package 3 Portfolio Approach

12 N5 Internal Assessment of Course Components
Controlled assessment is SQA’s approach to developing assessments (setting), the conditions of assessment (conducting), and marking assessments (marking). SQA is introducing controlled assessment for non-question paper components of the Added Value Unit and new National Courses at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

13 N5 Practical Activity Controlled assessment
SQA led activity – SQA sets the assessment and sets tightly controlled assessment conditions  will be internally marked by centre staff in line with SQA marking instructions marking will be quality assured by SQA

14 Moving on Workshop 1 and 2 will give you the opportunity to look at the Unit Specifications and Unit Assessment Support Packages in detail.


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