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I, Scott and Siobhan produced, edited and directed our own film trailer where we had chosen a genre and created a brand new plot which fitted that genre.

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2 I, Scott and Siobhan produced, edited and directed our own film trailer where we had chosen a genre and created a brand new plot which fitted that genre. The genre that we had specifically chosen was Sci-Fi Thriller. As a group, we decided upon this genre because all 3 of us thought that it would be interesting to film as the genre is of Science Fiction and Thriller, which we think makes it that little bit more challenging but we wanted to challenge ourselves as a group and tackle filming the trailer. The basic plot of our production was centered around the relationship between two people and we decided to base our trailer on the different problems and issues that may occur during the relationship and how one party can become very abusive to their partner and friends. But myself and my group wanted to add a twist and add some science-fiction into it so we added a "time loop" where the abuser gets put into a situation where she's stuck in the same day which repeat's itself and each time the day repeat's, the more danger she is in. Here is our finished film trailer:

3 What have you learnt from your audience feedback? The audience was vital in our trailer because without them, we wouldn't have known what key moments and conventions to add into our trailer. Our target audience for the trailer was 15 and we decided it would be best suitable for 15 year old's because there were scenes of violence in the trailer e.g. when Rhys got pushed up against the lockers, when I got pushed through a door, when Steph got hit across the face with a hammer and when she also got hit by a car. When my group conducted an interview with two other media students, Craig and Ryan to determine what we shall include in our production, we learnt from them that they would like to a plot twist where either the hero dies at the very beginning and the villain takes over the world. We also discovered that they and perhaps other audience members would like to see bright colours, realistic but effective stunts and special effects are what the audience may want to see in our trailer. Because we wanted to meet our chosen audiences needs, we decided to take some of the information we gathered onboard and decided that the killer would wear a bright orange hoodie to make him stand out. Ryan Rheeston Audience Interview: Craig Fallows Audience Interview: zmd8w0BQ

4 Here is the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) and it's where people decide on the correct age rating for a particular film:

5 ...... Not only did we conduct an interview, but we also carried out a questionaire to find out what the students in our sixth form would like to see in our production and these are the results: From looking at the questionaire results, you can see that our audiences wanted to see a lot of aliens and space but we decided to go with having a time loop as we thought it would be more interesting. Also the results tell us that they expect a Sci-Fi Thriller to include moments of action and a lot of suspence which is something we worked at to include into our trailer.

6 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? I believe that myself and my groups finished production did in fact fit our chosen genre which as I mentioned previously was Sci-Fi Thriller. I would definitely say that we successfully managed to portray moments of the Science Fiction and Thriller in our production by adding the time loop and the different murders. One of the main conventions of our trailer would be the soundtrack added. It has to have a purpose and the purpose of having a soundtrack for my trailer was to give the audience a hidden message. Due to the fact that our soundtrack that was used throughout the trailer was called "Run To You" by Bryan Adams the message that we wanted to show the audience was that even if you try and run away from your problems, you will either end up running back or you'll never escape no matter how hard you try to. I think that the music also has to create suspense for the audience and make them want to carry on watching the trailer and i believe our soundtrack did that because it fulfilled. Here is the soundtrack "Run To You" by Bryan Adams:

7 Camera Angles- I would say that getting the right camera angles and shots is very important in a production because you are able to see a wide range of different emotions that are shown on the characters faces and also what is occuring in the surroundings. Some of the most common camera angles and shots we used throughout the production was: Close ups Medium Long shots Birds Eye view Long Shot

8 Props and Costume - For our production, we decided that our costumes and props used should be on a basic level,as we didn't want to focus all of our attentions on the costumes but more on the characters and plot. Also we wanted to make the production as realistic as possible and not over exaggerate. For Steph, her clothes were pretty basic throughout the trailer, she mainly wore jeans, a cardigan and a coat. This is to show that she is just an ordinary teenage girl. Her Boyfriend Rhys also keeps it basic by wearing a jacket and jeans, but when his darker side comes out during the trailer, you will see him wearing a orange hoodie to show how his character has transformed. Wearing a hoodie to symbolise terror. Wearing cardigan and coat to symbolise she's an ordinary girl. Location - The location for our production was set at different places, some bits were filmed at school, others on an industrial estate and the rest was filmed in Scott's relatives house. Again we wanted to create a high versimilitude for the production so we decided that the locations be really easy to travel to and very basic.

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