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Facilitating SoTL Engagement in Dentistry Donald Cameron & Robert McKerlie.

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1 Facilitating SoTL Engagement in Dentistry Donald Cameron & Robert McKerlie

2 Introduction Background and context - Donald Cameron Project proposal – Robert McKerlie

3 Dental Education Research Group Educational Research –Staffing & Staff Development –University of Glasgow LTDF & Chancellors Fund –NHS National Education Scotland Current projects –Scholarship –E-Learning research Strategy for the group INTRODUCTION

4 Dental School Research Activity To promote scholarship, in all its forms, and to expand the evidence base for teaching, learning and assessment in Dentistry. Dental Education Research Group Formed in December 2008 Twelve committee members 2 University Teachers 4 Senior Clinical University Teachers 2 Senior Clinical Lecturers Senior Lecturer Lecturer E-Learning Scientific Development Officer Clerk

5 Why a Dental Education Research Group? Developing, managing and ensuring educational quality (McKimm 2003. BMJ 326, 870-873) Identified as a key theme for dental and oral health research in Scotland Academic and NHS stakeholders NHS Education for Scotland (NES) –Investment –Expertise

6 NHS Education for Scotland Dental Directorate Postgraduate education and training Undergraduate education –Additional Cost of Teaching ACT (D) Two innovative national programmes funded by NES –Confederated Learning Environment Online (CLEO) –Work Programme for 2D and 3D Digital Visualisation

7 Past to Present Continuation of the established research –Database of educational research (2000 onward) 2000-09 (9 LTDF grants and 2 Chancellor's fund grants) –Curriculum development (reflective practice) Learning and Teaching Development funded projects –Two current projects from LTDF 2009-10 An investigation of the utility of a form of syndicate learning within a pre-clinical course of the undergraduate dental curriculum. Robert McKerlie, Donald Cameron, Andrea Sheriff & Catherine Bovill. Peer Assisted Learning – an innovative approach for developing clinical and manual skills within Dentistry. Donald Cameron, Andrew Crothers, Andrea Sherriff, Vivian Binnie.

8 Future Confederated Learning Environment Online (CLEO) C L E O 2D and 3D Digital Visualisation

9 Collaborative Learning Environment online (CLEO) A fully collaborative venture between all Scottish dental schools/ institutes The delivered resources are to be freely available to use by all institutions so must be relevant and useful to all. This will be made accessible via the Scotland-wide (CLEO) project repository for sharing by all of those involved in delivering dental education across Scotland. Glasgow Microbiology, Histology, Dental Anatomy Dundee Physiology, Embryology and Developmental Biology, Pharmacology Aberdeen Pathology, Geriatric Dentistry, virtual patient development Edinburgh Post Graduate clinical procedures, dental materials

10 Glasgow School of Art Digital Design Studio The Digital Design Studio (DDS) at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) In the RAE 2008, GSA, returning 84% of research active staff, emerged as the most significant research centre in Art & Design with the exception of the London Institute. The DDS specialises in advanced 3D visualisation and interaction technologies. These technologies consist of haptics, 3D sound, advanced interfaces, tracking devices, gesture based interaction, 3D displays, machine vision and speech recognition.

11 Digital Design Studio In 2006, the DDS conducted a Feasibility Study funded by the SFC to establish a network of academics, clinicians, practitioners and scientists. Scottish Medical Visualisation Network (SMVN), led by the DDS, brought together 22 medical disciplines from 44 organisations across Scotland.

12 Work Packages Work Package A Three Dimensional Anatomical Model Work Package B Patient Safety Work Package C Health Inequalities Work Package D Common Disease Processes

13 3D Anatomical Data of the Head and Neck Region Suitable embalmed male Caucasian cadaver (salt embalmed cadaver) Dissection and image capture of head and neck soft tissue Scanning and photography performed to allow accurate reconstruction of dental related anatomy Skin and subcutaneous tissue –Superficial muscles, nerves, glands and blood vessels –Superficial muscles of mastication, including masseter and temporalis –Deeper dissection musculature including genioglossus, geniohyoid, mylohyoid, lateral and medial pterygoids, digastric and buccinators.

14 Future Develop links/collaboration with stakeholders –Universities (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Glasgow School of Art) –NES Scottish Oral Health Research Strategy Group

15 The Project

16 The Quality Enhancement Theme To promote scholarship, in all its forms, and to expand the evidence base for teaching, learning and assessment in Dentistry. Improving the learning experience Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

17 The Proposed Development The aim of this proposal is to offer professional development opportunities to a group of academic staff at the dental school by supporting their engagement with SoTL. This group will be taken through a structured process that will enable them to initiate, implement and disseminate a SoTL project

18 The Format Open to all academics Meeting monthly –Five workshops (getting started, adequate preparation, appropriate methods & significant results, dissemination, reflection) facilitated by the beSoTLed team. –Seven project focused discussion sessions –Development space within Moodle Period of 12 months Dissemination event –Local event open to all staff –Opportunity to disseminate details of SoTL projects, making them public. Publication of SoTL Project Case study –Peer-reviewed short case-study of project (not a barrier to future journal publication.

19 Discussion Points 1.Do you see merit in looking at SOTL within a single subject/discipline area? 2.How do we encourage engagement in SoTL? 3.How do we maintain it?

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