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Economics at university The Economics Network Supporting teachers of economics.

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1 Economics at university The Economics Network Supporting teachers of economics

2 Introduction to economics Most undergraduate economists do not study economics at GSCE or A-level. The Economics Network provides a number of resources to help introduce students to university economics. These include: Some fun and interesting economic books and gamesfun and interesting A competition to get students to think more deeply on an emotive area of economicscompetition Videos showing interesting applications of economic theory Videos

3 What is Economics? Economics is neither an art or a science subject. It is both. Any student, whether they are numerical or analytical, should consider economics for their bachelors degree.

4 Economics at university The Networks Why Study Economics website has a section which informs future students about what economics is like at university, by using views and opinions from current and past economic students.section The Network also has a series of videos and films which shows A- level students what they can expect from their economics degree and university life in general.videosfilms Finally, the Studying Economics website has a number of pages dedicated to the different modules available to economic students.number of pages

5 140 UCAS points Some institutions require applicants to have A level maths, but most do not. This makes economics available to every student.require Entry requirements

6 The benefits of economics SkillsSkills developed on an economics bachelors degree include: statistical techniques and interpretation;interpretation essay writingessay writing; problem-solvingproblem-solving; and presentation.presentation These make economists highly desirable in the job market.

7 Career prospects for economists Many students with a degree in economics will apply to work in the financial services industry. These firms pay very high salaries to graduates. However, this leads to fierce services

8 Other career destinations

9 Salaries Economics is a valuable subject to study at A-level as well as for a first degree.

10 For more information go to:

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