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The motto of the lesson is:

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1 The motto of the lesson is:
“ It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times”

2 At the end of the lesson you:
- will revise the geographical names; - will be able to speak about Great Britain; - will be able to make a Fact File about the country.


4 The theme of our lesson is:
“Britain and British”

5 - to develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.
The aims of the lesson: - to develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. - to get more information about Great Britain;

6 The theme of our lesson is “Britain and British”.
The motor of our lesson is “ It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times”.

7 Vocabulary to be washed by; to be separated; the North Sea;
The English Chanel; The Atlantic Ocean; The Irish Sea; Moderate; Great Britain and Northern Ireland; England; Wales; The Strait of Dover.

8 >After-reading activities
What is the full name of the country? What are the main parts of the United Kingdom? What is the total area of the United Kingdom? What is the narrowest part of the English Channel? What seas are difficult to navigate during storms in? Is the UK highly developed industrial country? What is the official language of the United Kingdom? What are the main ports of the UK?

9 Multiply choice True/False
1. The British Isles consist of three large islands. 2. The Strait of Dover is the widest part of the Channel. 3. The North Sea and the English Channel are often called “the deep seas”. 4. The highest mountain is Ben Nevis in England. 5. The longest river is the Severn. 6. One of the chief industries of the country is agriculture.

10 >>Relaxation 1. England is the largest and the richest country of_________________. a) the USA b) Great Britain c) Europe 2. The capital of England is_______________. a) Birmingham b) Manchester c) London

11 3. __________ is one of the most famous prehistoric place in the world.
a) Chester b) Stonehenge c) Oxford 4. ________ Stonehenge stands Salisbury Cathedral. a) Far from b) Near c) Not far from 5. Scotland is the country _________ of Great Britain. a) in the north b) in the south c) in the west

12 6. The capital of Scotland is _____________.
a) Edinburgh b) Glasgow c) Manchester 7. Glasgow is the __________ capital of Scotland. a) agricultural b) scientific c) industrial 8.____________is the Scottish national sport. a) Cricket b) Football c) Golf

13 9. Nessie is said to be about ________.
a) seven meters long b) five meters long c) six meters long 10. The oldest symbol of Wales is a _________. a) red rose b) blue ribbon c) red dragon 11. Snowdonia is the picturesque region in Wales. a) Carpathian Mountains b) Alps c) Snowdonia

14 12. The capital of Wales is_________, the largest city of Wales.
a) Cardiff b) Glasgow c) Oxford 13. There are ________languages in Wales, Welsh and English. a) Only one b) two official c) three official 14__________is the smallest part of the United Kingdom. a) Southern England b) Northern Ireland c) Western Scotland

15 15. __________is the capital of the Northern Ireland.
a) Belfast b) Cardiff c) London 16. The population of Northern Ireland is _________. a) about 1.5 million people b) more than 3 million people c) about 40 million people 17.Green is one of the symbols of Ireland. a) red dragon b) green c) red rose

16 Climate of Great Britain

17 >>Post-listening.
Where is Great Britain situated on? Why are the climate and nature of Great Britain very specific? How can we describe English weather in one sentence? What is the British climate famous for? What can you tell about average British temperature?

18 >> Post-listening activities (writing)
There is no ….on the lakes and rivers in winter. Britain is famous for its….. It is washed by ….. from all the sides. The climate of Great Britain is very …..

19 Writing. The, Great, is, island, in, Britain, Europe, largest.
The, 57, is , population, of, the United Kingdom, people, million, over. Great Britain, situated, the, is, on, islands. Mountain, the, is, highest, Ben Nevis.


21 The lesson is over. Good- bye!

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