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Moon Phases, Eclipses, & Tides

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1 Moon Phases, Eclipses, & Tides
Astronomy Moon Phases, Eclipses, & Tides

2 Moon Phases, Eclipses, & Tides
All of these are caused by the positions of the Moon Earth Sun

3 Period of rotation=Period of revolution
Moon Phases We ALWAYS see the same side of the moon because as it revolves around the Earth it makes one complete rotation. Period of rotation=Period of revolution

4 Think of the Activity we did with A ball for the moon
Moon Phases The phase of the moon you see depends on how much of the sunlit side of the moon faces Earth. Think of the Activity we did with A ball for the moon The overhead projector light as the sun Your head as Earth

5 Eclipses Two types Solar Lunar

6 Solar Eclipse Occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun, blocking sunlight from reaching Earth.-the moon’s shadow is on Earth. Occurs only during a new moon.

7 Total Solar Eclipse The moon completely covers the sun from reaching a small spot on Earth.(so not many people can see the total solar eclipse) Light from the sun is completely blocked by the moon in the umbra, the darkest part of the moon’s shadow.

8 Partial Solar Eclipse The moon partially covers the sun
This occurs in the penumbra Part of the sun is still visible from Earth

9 Lunar Eclipse Occurs ONLY at full moon when Earth is directly between the moon and sun. Earth blocks the sunlight from reaching the moon causing the moon to look dark.

10 Eclipses Solar and Lunar Eclipses do NOT occur each month because the moon’s orbit is tilted.

11 High Tides Moon’s gravity is pulling ocean water into a bulge.

12 Tides The moon’s gravity is able to create high and low tides because the moon revolves slower than the Earth is rotating. The relative positions of the Earth, moon and sun (moon phases) cause patterns in spring and neap tides.

13 Tide Cycles Tides rise and fall 2 times each day.
Every location on Earth sweeps through 2 high tides and 2 low tides in a 25 hour cycle. Water rises for about 6 hours then falls for about 6 hours in a regular cycle.

14 Spring Tides AT NEW MOON and FULL MOON the sun, Earth and moon are nearly in a line. The gravity of the sun and moon cause Spring Tides twice a month. This causes the greatest difference in low and high tides called a Spring Tide.

15 Neap Tides Occur twice every 28 days, during 1st quarter and third quarter moon phase. The least difference between low and high tide.

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