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Using Lecture Capture to enhance teaching and learning and meet student expectations and needs Steve Rose Please note images sourced from the internet.

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1 Using Lecture Capture to enhance teaching and learning and meet student expectations and needs Steve Rose Please note images sourced from the internet for this presentation have been removed for copyright

2 The lecture remains the primary teaching strategy employed across the UK university sector and it is this particular aspect of the student experience at Exeter where it is hoped that new technology can be harnessed to positive benefit and enhancement

3 The presentational approach to teaching is highly prescriptive and is exemplified by the large lecture. The approach is inherently a one-way transmission of information. (Garrison and Anderson 2003 p17)

4 Drivers for change affecting the traditional lecture New Learning spaces which aim to accommodate increasing numbers of students Facilities in traditional lecture theatres which aim to meet student needs and expectations in a 21 st century learning environment A new generation of students who are confident users of information technology and have lifestyles which reflect the digital age A widening participation agenda that strives for equality and diversity in the student body

5 The transformation of Learning Spaces






11 New Students Digital Natives (Prensky)

12 Joint Information Systems Council (JISC) The UKs learner base is changing at great speed. Students are increasingly demanding that universities and colleges provide flexible and personalised learning which makes full use of the internet and IT applications.

13 Internationalisation and a more diverse student body

14 Diverse Learning Needs

15 Demands on Time

16 Time shifting.. Learning independent of location can be facilitated using e.g. Echo360 Asynchronous discussion in virtual learning environments (VLEs) and Web 2.0 environments (Social Networking sites) Collaborative work using Wikis and other shared documents e.g.

17 Lecture Capture at the University of Exeter

18 Features – Echo360 can.. Automate the capture of multiple sources with the lecture theatre such as - camera, audio, PowerPoint / presentation, digitiser Be simple to use and unobtrusive to the lecturer. No prior technical knowledge needed to use the system Integrate with existing infrastructure especially that currently installed within lecture theatres (e.g. interactive whiteboards and Crestron control panels) Integrate with our current VLE, WebCT as well as other main stream VLE systems Provide a simple index of captured lecture contents to allow end user navigation Be either permanently installed in a room or mobile Be automated and provide the captured lecture in near real time

19 Benefits.. Increased learner control – flexibility with respect to accessing and searching the video to identify particular elements of a recorded session Online bite size delivery: splitting the session into smaller digestible sections or topics to aid student navigation of content Synthesis: incorporating all or parts of the video into multimedia learning resources Ability to review sessions for revision Ability to support range of technology platforms and mobile devices





24 The use of Echo360 at Exeter is currently a pilot project but there is growing demand from across the university, particularly from students for its wider use. Meeting students needs and expectations in ICT is a strategic priority of the university and the eLearning section of the Education Enhancement Unit

25 Expensive but.. The 2008 survey of technology-enhanced learning for higher education in the UK by the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA) found that enhancing the quality of teaching and learning and meeting student expectations, are the two most significant drivers for institutions to invest in new technologies (HEFCE)

26 One observation (US university) It should be stressed that lecture capture, in itself, is unlikely to improve the quality of student learning. At best, the captured material offers an alternative review mechanism, similar to handwritten course notes or a textbook, but with the benefit of an accompanying soundtrack. Perhaps more substantial factors are the effect of the technology on the quality of the instructor's presentation and the students use of the recorded material for study purposes.

27 Issues.. Impact on attendance? Impact on student behaviour in lectures e.g. on note-taking? Buy in on the part of those delivering lectures.. Impact on delivery and the structure/content of lectures

28 Impact on student behaviour..

29 Issues.. IP Exposure – a sensitive issue but of course lecture recordings can showcase exemplary practice too!! Storage – volume and longevity

30 Evaluation Refer to paper Lecture Capture, digitisation and review – a ase study o the use of Echo360 at the University of Exeter The Echo 360 system generates data which allows for interpretation of impact


32 Echo360 statistics School ModuleLecturesViewsProportionalNumber of Students Psychology PSY203448020.0162 PSY2023920422.7185 PSY202246416.0167 PSY2016461.5181 PSY11281254245.2250 POL2052423458.580 Law LAW202022167376.046 LAW10042559279.5277 HIH100017979.0235 GEO1205823629.5178 EAS1015423057.5256 EAS101471417202.4237 EAS101228241.0239 Business BEM10071155650.5290 BEE1024425263.0205 BEE1001161695105.9603 BEA1007743462.0363 BEA100619107056.3475 TOTALS14094134429

33 Further work Impact on attainment Impact on retention (of students) Impact on the quality of teaching Student satisfaction - NSS

34 Other solutions It is possible to use other applications (some of them free!) to effect lecture capture and review. Simple video-recordngs via a camera and assembly as files in a VLE or combined Powerpoint/Talking Head applications e.g. Camtasia

35 Questions/Discussion Thank You

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