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ELearning in Education Departments ESCalate Heads of Dept Forum 6th July 2004.

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1 eLearning in Education Departments ESCalate Heads of Dept Forum 6th July 2004

2 2 What is eLearning? The use of electronic technology and media to deliver, support and enhance teaching, learning and assessment.

3 What is eLearning? - examples Research using the World Wide Web (WWW) Interactive learning materials Groupwork through electronic conferencing facilities Online assessment Lectures or discussions delivered via video conferencing All brought together and managed through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) 3

4 Education students 4 full time students on campus; at some time study off campus; part time May be interested in elearning as Object of study Vehicle for personal learning Object of research

5 5 eLearning support must be appropriate to the context and fit for purpose. One size does not fit all

6 6 What do students say? May 2001 Bristol student survey: 83% found online materials useful Student Union response to education strategy 2003: welcome greater use of online learning to enhance face to face Veterinary science: 95% found online support enhanced their learning

7 7 SOLE – Students Online Experiences Timmis and OLeary, 2005, Alt-J (proceedings of Alt-C)

8 8 Goodyear: Changing roles Teachers: From oracle and lecturer to consultant, guide, and resource provider Teachers become expert questioners, rather than providers of answers Teachers become designers of learning student experiences rather than just providers of content

9 9 Goodyear: Changing roles Students: From passive receptacles for hand-me-down knowledge to constructors of their own knowledge Students refine their own questions and search for their own answers Students work as group members on more collaborative/cooperative assignments; group interaction significantly increased

10 10 Many students saw themselves primarily working alone –Well I would say I was more of a researcher….we all have to learn how to research and manage our time and how to to learn on our own. (Student – case study 8 – Economics)

11 11 The 5 Rules of Virtuality From Virtual Society? Woolgar et al 2002 Rule 1 The uptake and use of new technologies depend crucially on local social contexts.

12 12 Crook and Light – Virtual Society and the Cultural Practice of Study

13 13

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