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Multi-Agency Working for Children and Young People

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1 Multi-Agency Working for Children and Young People
Workshop for Student Teachers

2 Aim The aim of the workshop is to provide a stimulus for student teachers to engage with the concept of multi-agency working in the UK and to consider the application of that engagement in their role as teachers of children and young people

3 Indicative Outcomes By the end of the workshop you should be able to:
Identify the range and function of appropriate agencies and professions that work with children and young people; Describe some benefits and tensions of child and young person focussed multi-agency working; Consider ways of integrating their own role as teacher with a wide range of other professionals and describe the impact of multi-agency working upon their own professional development; Situate current practice development within the national policy context. 3

4 Opening Activity You are becoming increasingly aware of issues relating to a child in your class. They: Arrive late some mornings Miss homework Seem tired on Monday mornings Have become increasingly withdrawn from classroom and peer activities Don’t engage in trips or extra-curricular activity Have a mother who you see in local shops but who has never attended school events or parent’s evenings

5 Discussion In pairs or groups, discuss:
What are your impressions / views of this situation? What might you do about this situation? Write down your main thoughts / discussion points 5


7 The Hunts If this was the situation with your pupil..
What are your impressions now? What might you do differently? Discuss your thoughts in groups 7

8 Help for the Hunts? What agencies or professionals do you think might be involved in or able to help this family? What are their roles? Which family members do you think they are working for? How do you think that the teacher / school links with these agencies? 8

9 The Hunt Family One possible network of professionals
Occupational Therapist (Health) Physiotherapist Home Care GP Other medical specialists Social Worker Under 8’s Officer Area Social Services Manager Educational Psychologist Family Placement Team Specialist Support Groups ? 9

10 What is Multi-Agency Work?
“a range of different services which have some overlapping or shared interests and objectives, brought together to work collaboratively towards some common purposes” (Wigfall & Moss, 2001, p.71) 10

11 Benefits of Multi-Agency Work
It co-ordinates the work of those involved e.g. when conducting multi-agency assessments of children and young people. For more information on this see It can lead to a sharing of resources It can lead to joint funding of projects It should lead to better outcomes for children and young people as holistic needs are addressed 11

12 Barriers to Good Multi-Agency Work
Different core functions, cultures and practices between agencies Lack of clarity in lines of authority and decision-making Historical or current jealousies or rivalries between agencies Different and conflicting social policy or legislation Lack of clarity about why agencies are involved Poor communication 12

13 Tensions in Multi-Agency Work
How should an individual deal with… Individuals from other agencies having or using power or status Structural issues in another agency e.g. staff shortages, delays in responding to concerns Another agency not delivering on promises Another agency doing something you believe is wrong or against the child or young person’s interests Unreasonable demands from another agency Another agency using different legislation to justify their actions, or inaction 13

14 Principles of Good Multi-Agency Work
If the following are in place, effective multi-agency work should follow: Clearly agreed and defined functions Tasks with agreed boundaries Well organised and established communication Well developed local relationships Overcoming of ignorance and prejudice about each other’s work Defining of common goals Using common language Respecting different skills Ensuring all know what the local arrangements are

15 Further Reading Joughin, C & Law, C. (2005), Evidence to Inform the National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services. London, DfES & DH. Murphy, M. (2004), Developing collaborative relationships in interagency child protection work. Lyme Regis, Russell House. Roaf, C. (2002), Coordinating Services for Included Children: Joined up Action. Buckingham, OUP. Wigfall, V & Moss, P. (2001), More than the sum of its parts? A study of a multi-agency child care network. London, National Children's Bureau. 15

16 National Policies Every Child Matters, England
Getting it Right for Every Child / Children’s Services Bill, Scotland Rights to Action, Wales Our Children and Young People: Our Pledge / The Super Six, Northern Ireland 16

The best possible health, free from abuse, victimisation and exploitation Staying safe Living in safety and with stability A safe home and community Being safe Enjoying and achieving Enjoying, learning and achieving A flying start in life Achieving Making a positive contribution Contributing positively to community and society Play, leisure, sporting and cultural activities Being respected and responsible Achieve economic well-being Experiencing economic and environmental well-being Children and young people not disadvantaged by poverty Being nurtured Living in a society which represents their rights A comprehensive range of education, training and learning opportunities Being active Treated with respect and have their race and cultural identity recognised Being included 17

18 Troublesome Issues Tension between targeted and universal support
The rights and needs of the “ordinary majority” Finite resources and making difficult choices School role and teacher capacity Tension between pastoral care and achievement targets Uncertainties, risks and professional dilemmas

19 Personal Reflection and Planning
Key learning points for you about multi-agency working What is the likely impact of multi-agency working on your future work as a teacher? How could you contribute to multi-agency working in the future… Within school? With other agencies or professionals? 19

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