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Evaluating Websites Or how to get the good stuff!.

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1 Evaluating Websites Or how to get the good stuff!

2 How do YOU decide that you have found a good web site?

3 Quality Web Site? The 1 st one that comes up on Google Has great pictures Looks professional Has cool stuff on it like animated cartoons My topic is in the title

4 What do you think of this web site? Click Here Whale Watching

5 How about this website for a social studies project? War History

6 Need statistics to support your argument? Crime and Punishment %

7 Anyone can create a web site!

8 How do I look for clues about a web site?

9 First look at the web address or URL.

10 Look at the ending of each web site or URL

11 You’re doing a school project on the characteristics of Japanese painting. What do you look for in a web site?

12 Consider the 5 W’s What Who Where Why When

13 What is the web site really about? Is it relevant to your topic? - -

14 Who put together the web site? Author? Author’s credentials (is it an expert in the field?) Author’s sources? Check the bottom or edges of the page or the home page for the author.

15 Who are the authors of these web pages? Skokie Case Skokie Controversy and Free speechSkokie Controversy and Free speech

16 Where is the website from? University Museum Government Agency Commercial Site

17 Where are these sites from? Do you think they are reputable?

18 Now you know What, Who, Where… When was the website put together? Is it current? Do the links work?

19 When were these sites last updated? p/SamuraiProfile.htm p/SamuraiProfile.htm

20 Finally, Why did they put together the website? Are they trying to sell you something? Are they trying to convince you about something? Is it biased? Does it express an opinion?

21 Why were these websites put together?

22 So, don’t forget on your next project, use the 5 W’s to evaluate your web sites!

23 See you next project!

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