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Welcome! Ms. Sletten’s 8 th Grade English Class!!.

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1 Welcome! Ms. Sletten’s 8 th Grade English Class!!

2 Classroom Morning Procedures  Greet me at the door with a proper hand shake  Make sure you have all your necessary materials ready for class.  Walk in quietly  Be ready for class each day with the supplies you will need.  Go directly to your assigned seat.  Start Bell Ringer  Start Silently Reading after timer goes off (15 minutes of DEAR TIME)-drop everything and read

3 Responsibilities My Responsibilities: Ms. Sletten  To treat you with respect and care as an individual  To provide you a structured risk free classroom environment  To provide a motivation  To teach you the required content  To encourage you  To be there for you  To be your family

4 Your Responsibilities: As My Students  To treat me with respect and care as your teacher  To attend class regularly and on time  To bring all required materials  To be cooperative  To be respectful to others  To study and do your work (SUCCESS=EFFORT)  To learn and master the required content  To act as a family member

5 When I Need to Get Your Attention:  I will say: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, while showing you the numbers on my hand  By the time I reach “1” I expect you to silent and everyone’s hand in the air giving me “5” and your full attention  I will always give this prompt when I need your attention  All attention will be on me because I have something important to say!!!  I will then tell you when you can go back to work

6  Raise your hand and wait to be called on  If I show you my “ pointer” finger-that means I acknowledged you but I am busy and will get back to you  If you need to use the restroom you will need to show me the restroom sign (by crossing your middle and pointer finger)  If you need a pencil you need to show me “two fingers” ( you should have extras but in an event that you do not have any extras or your pencil breaks) How To Get My Attention:

7 Let’s Review and practice..


9 Ms. Sletten’s Classroom Rules and Procedures DAY 2

10  1. Students are to bring all required materials and supplies to class each day.  2. Students are to be in their seats, quiet, and ready to work on their bell ringer when the tardy bell rings.  3. Students are to follow directions the first time they are given.  4. When I need your attention I will count down from 5..4..3..2..1..while showing you the numbers on my hand. By the time I reach 1 I expect to see everyone’s hand in the air giving me 5.  5. Students are to remain in their seats unless given permission to get up.  6. Students will not EAT in the classroom.  7. Students are to show respect by not talking during instruction, if you have a question please raise your hand and I will get to you as soon as possible.  There is no need for “Miss, Miss, Miss Sletten, Miss Sletten”, monkey noises or waiving your hand like it is on fire. Classroom Rules

11 Disciplinary Procedures  1 st offense- Warning  2 nd offense- Parent Notification  3 rd offense- Detention  4 th offense- Referral to the office  This procedure may be altered according to the severity of the offense and teacher discretion.

12  Being Prepared Bring required materials each day. (Examples: planner/binder, loose leaf paper, spiral notebook, pen and a pencil  Writing Utensils a. Students may use a pencil or a pen (blue or black ink) b. Blue or black ink should be used for formal writing assignments. c. Typed or computer generated work will be accepted with prior approval of the teacher.

13  Your Folder a. Keep the following in your notebook: Class rules, class procedures, Cornell notes, writing assignments, and anything I specifically tell you to secure in your folder. b. All materials must be dated and in the right order. c. Folders will be checked every three weeks. This check will be graded. d. You will only access your folders upon my request.  Spiral Notebook a. This notebook will be used for private entries as well as class assignments, warm- ups and exit tickets. b. You will only obtain your notebooks from the crates upon my request. These will be stored in the classroom and only taken home when instructed.

14 Paper usage Writing on the back of homework and class work is permitted and encouraged. Do not write on final drafts. Do not write on the bottom line of the paper, go to next page. Heading Papers Write your name and date in the top- right hand corner of the first page. Do not fold papers unless instructed to do so. Passing in papers Each student should pass their paper forward and then the first row will pass them towards the teacher for collection.

15  Entering Class A. After entering the room, students may not leave without permission. B. Students may not leave books and materials outside the classroom for any reason C. Upon entering, students should go to their assigned seats and prepare for class. D. Begin working on Bell Ringer on the weekly sheet provided.  Exiting Class A. When the timer goes off you will answer the essential question before leaving the classroom on the weekly sheet provided. B. You will not rush out of the room, you will leave in an orderly fashion. C. Students are responsible for cleaning the area around their desks BEFORE leaving the room.

16  Pencil Sharpening a. Students are to sharpen pencils upon entering the classroom b. If your lead breaks during class and if you have no other writing utensil, raise your hand use the proper hand signal and wait for further instructions.  Trash a. Trash will be thrown away when you are dismissed from class. Keep it at your desk until you are dismissed. b. There is no paper basketball in this classroom or paper airplane flying. c. Pick up all paper around your desk before leaving the room. Our custodians work hard to keep our school clean. We are responsible for our classroom.

17  Restroom a. Students should use the restroom before class. b. Restrooms break will not be permitted in the first 20 minutes of class. c. Only 3 students will be allowed out of the class in a single class period. Students will not be allowed to leave after the 3 rd person has gone unless it is an extreme Emergency. One  hh

18 RESTROOM Procedures  If you need the restroom before the bell rings you can drop your things off and take the pass.  If you need to use the restroom during class and you were given permission. Take the proper pass to the restroom and return it when you return.


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