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Susan Eales Programme Manager Exchange for Learning (X4L)

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1 Susan Eales Programme Manager Exchange for Learning (X4L)

2 Being developed by EDINA and MIMAS JISC Funded National Data Centres Experienced in hosting and delivering large datasets Adhere to strict service level definitions 24/7 service provision helpdesk during office hours

3 JORUM+ Consultants Lorna Campbell, University of Strathclyde, CETIS Deputy Director Sarah Currier, University of Strathclyde, CETIS EC-SIG Co-ordinator Charles Duncan, CEO Intrallect; University of Edinburgh; IMS Content Packaging and Management project (JISC) Steve Jeyes, Newark & Sherwood College, CETIS FE Focus Group Co-ordinator

4 Repository Software Systems/Vendors intraLibrary from Intrallect –http://www.intrallect.com Xtensis from Xtensis eLearning Ltd –

5 Aim of JORUM+ To enable the JISC to offer sustainable technical infrastructure for –the storage of learning and teaching objects –their re-use within UK Further and Higher Education appropriate support for project staff involved in relevant JISC Programmes (5/99 and X4L)

6 Main Work Areas of JORUM+ 1.Learning Materials Repository –Investigate the requirements for a long-term digital repository service within the JISC IE – report to JISC by end Dec 03 2.Trial Provisional collecting repository systems - Host and support access to intraLibrary and Xtensis – Feb 2003 to July 2005 3.Development Bay –Provide development bay facilities – Feb 2003 to July 2005 4.Support for projects –For 5/99 and X4L Strand A projects – Feb 2003 to July 2005

7 Standards UKCMF developed to make it easy for all X4L Strand A projects to submit outputs to JORUM JORUM supports the full IEEE LOM Using Dewey as classification system –(licence applied for)

8 Development Bay Definition from Lorna Campbell and Steve Jeyes: –The development bay is a digital repository for the storage, management and distribution of reusable educational resources –The development bay will allow users to search for resources, adapt, re-purpose and aggregate resources, upload and download resources and describe, classify and comment on resources. –The development bay will also provide access to, and interoperate with, the necessary tools to allow users to undertake these tasks. –The development bay must conform to appropriate learning technology interoperability standards and specifications.

9 X4L PROGRAMME JORUM+ is a part of Strand B of the X4L Programme Other Strand B Projects are –TOIA – online assessment engine and results database –RELOAD – off line intuitive tools for packaging and repurposing learning objects Tools for Strand A projects

10 Phases of JORUM+ Project & Service Experimental Phase of JORUM+ Each project can upload up to 10 objects –define educational metadata requirements for JORUM+ provisional repository what projects need in terms of development bay facilities –Vendors will start v.2 of systems over the Summer in light of requirements

11 Operational Phase of JORUM+ Commences 1 September 2003 –V.2 of intraLibrary and Xtensis released –V.2 of JORUM+ website released (with cross-searching interface) –Projects may deposit as many objects as they wish –Depositors Licences must be signed

12 Long-term repository Scoping study from Feb 2003 to Dec 2003 User requirements – educational metadata, functionality required etc Review of available software systems IPR/DRM Interoperability with JISC IE Boundaries of JORUM+ Preservation Report to JISC by end Dec 2003 If JISC decide, procurement and service in 2004

13 To contact us Programme Manager, X4L –Susan Eales – Project Manager JORUM+ –Moira Massey –

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