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Terry Rourke, Project Manager

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1 Terry Rourke, Project Manager

2 SHELL – S outhwest H osts E nhancing L ifelong L earning Development of an infrastructure for exchange of student data using IMS (1) Transfer of partnership data between the University of Plymouth and its partnership colleges (2) Creation of a multi-institution Learner Record Objectives: ioNode Variety of applications Single registration Facilitating access to the Universitys VLE Access by the learner Learner input to the final design Access by institutions at admissions time

3 Entry of student registration data at Cornwall College Entry of Student Registration Data

4 Learner Record DB Hub Transfer of Registration Data Data from colleges & the University Agent

5 Student views her lifelong Learner Record via the web Access to Learner Record

6 Learner Record DB Hub Partnership Students Agent

7 Partnership students gain access to the Universitys VLE Partnership Students

8 Learner Record DB Regional Hub Regional ioNode Infrastructure Links to other regions Schools, FE and HE

9 Test Bed Development To create a test environment that supports the latest UK versions of IMS (1) Use by software vendors (2) Use by other projects Objectives: To test IMS interfaces to their software May ultimately lead to compliance testing To test transfers between a large range of systems Broaden application of IMS within the sector UK Leap Enterprise

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