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Digital Preservation An European perspective … Carlos Oliveira European Commission DG INFORMATION SOCIETY and MEDIA Dir.

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1 Digital Preservation An European perspective … Carlos Oliveira ( European Commission DG INFORMATION SOCIETY and MEDIA Dir E - Content Learning and Cultural Heritage

2 05/05/2006 Outline of presentation Who we are Why is digital preservation important for the EC What has be done, is happening and is part of the future agenda? What can we gain from mutual cooperation

3 05/05/2006

4 Who we are … Directorate General Information Society and Media Promote the development and the use of ICT for the benefit of EU citizens ICT research and development – FP6 IST programme => FP7 (2007-2013) Availability and accessibility of ICT-based services Development of content-based industries Regulation of electronic communication services EU representative in international fora (ITU, UN, etc.) Complements the activities developed at national level

5 05/05/2006

6 More specifically … Directorate E – Content making content accessible to all new ways of creating, finding and understanding content how to make easier the access to and the use of content cross-border use of content (inc. multilinguality) Programmes: FP6 - IST => FP7 eContentPlus SaferInternetPlus Initiatives: Digital libraries Scientific information Public Sector Information

7 05/05/2006

8 One step further E3 – Learning and Cultural Heritage Cultural heritage: Explore how can ICT improve peoples engagement in culture-related activities Next generation of digital libraries Digitisation (books, audio-visual archives) Intelligent cultural heritage Preservation of digital resources Technology-enhanced learning Personalisation and adaptive learning Explore interactions between the individual and organisational learning Deeper understanding of learning processes by exploring links between human learning, cognition and technology

9 05/05/2006 Why digital preservation is important for the EC? The more people you have in the network higher is its value! Increased awareness of how critical the problem is but in many countries a national strategy for digital preservation is not yet in place Concrete actions across the EU remain rather limited in terms of scope and mobilisation of resources Need to stimulate a more pro-active attitude by the Member States involving a broad range of stakeholders

10 05/05/2006 What is the EC doing (or has done)? Actions at EU level Mostly as part of the IST RTD programmes ERPANET (2001-04): awareness raising and mobilisation of stakeholders DELOS: problem definition and research agenda PRESTOSPACE, BRICKS, MINERVA FP6 – call 5 (Sept 05) 2 new integrated projects CASPAR and PLANETS OAIS-based systems and tools supporting longer term availability and accessibility of multi-sourced and multi- formatted resources Test beds allowing to assess the technical feasibility and the organisational impact of new systems DPE: Coordination of national activities – centres of competence

11 05/05/2006 What is the EC doing? Policy initiatives Communication i2010 and digital libraries Online availability of Europes cultural heritage Digitisation of existing holdings Online Accessibility Preservation of Digital Content EU coordination of ongoing initiatives and EU funding Recommendation on Digitisation and Digital Preservation (underway)

12 05/05/2006

13 What is the EC doing? Lisbon agenda - EU competitiveness Digital preservation essential to preserve our collective institutional memory (libraries, archives, museums) but also for science and research scientific data and for companies in various sectors of activity pharmaceuticals, financial sector Study: Socio-Economic drivers and Impact of longer term digital preservation (call for tender)

14 05/05/2006 The future (is now) … SHORT TERM (FP6): Focus on the needs of the some key user communities memory preservation institutions (libraries, museums) scientific data resources multimedia archives How to address their immediate needs in critical areas Systems and tools supporting key digital preservation functions Interoperability DRM Infrastructure issues Registries, certification, authentication, accreditation Use of generic computing and storage services Awareness of the broader scope of the problem Intrinsically linked with development of the information society Affecting most organisations and citizens

15 05/05/2006 Digital preservation: the future … SHORT / MEDIUM TERM (FP7): Research aimed at addressing key technological problems More cost effective approaches for ingestion and characterisation Scalability of computing and storage resources (distributed architectures) Heterogeneity (formats, platforms, objects, data semantics) across space and time Anticipate the context of future access and reuse of preserved information Post OAIS – evolution of the reference model Revamping support infrastructures Drivers for digital preservation and their translation into sustainable economic models Overcoming non-technological barriers (copyright)

16 05/05/2006 Digital preservation: the future … LONGER TERM (FP7): Visionary research Exploring new approaches to individual and collective memory preservation Build on studies of human cognitive scenarios to better understand what is essential to preserve How developments in digital preservation can result in realising a surrogate of human memory

17 05/05/2006 US – EU cooperation FP7 - IST – International Cooperation Information sharing Drivers and barriers Evaluation and good practices Convergence on structuring aspects Interoperability and standardisation Organisational infrastructure and governance models Joint projects (?) Sharing resources Mutual learning

18 05/05/2006 NDIIPP – JISC workshop To be prepared based on the information gathered during the workshop

19 05/05/2006 9th May 1950 – Europe Day Schuman declaration Pledge for joint collaboration in the pursuit of peace, economic development and a better world! Can we answer this challenge?

20 05/05/2006 Questions?

21 05/05/2006 More information IST – Learning and Cultural Heritage IST and Framework Programme 6 - IST - FP6 IST and Framework Programme 7 - IST FP7

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