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Plants Guided Notes.

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1 Plants Guided Notes

2 Plants are multi-celled living __________________
Plants are multi-celled living __________________. Like all living things plants are made of ____________. Plant cells have small parts called organelles. These organelles have special jobs or functions. organisms cells

3 Plant Cell 1. The _nucleus____ is the control room of the cell.
2. The __cell membrane_ controls what goes in and out of the cell. 3. The cell wall_ gives the cell its shape and strength. It helps the plant to stand up. 4. The _mitochondria_ the energy stations that control how much energy the cell uses. 5. The vacuoles stores food and waste and get rid of the waste. 6. The cytoplasm is the gel like substance inside the cell that holds the organelles in place 7. The Chloroplasts contain a chemical called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight and combines it with carbon dioxide and water to make food (sugar).

4 Parts of a Plant Plants also have unique structures that help perform all the processes that help it to survive. These structures include 1. Roots which absorb water and minerals from the soil 2. Leaves which absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen and water vapor as waste as they make food. 3. Stem that help support leaves and flowers and that transport nutrients and food and waste to different parts of the plant. 4. Flowers which are the reproductive parts that attract animals to help with pollination. 5. Fruit which holds the seeds

5 Photosynthesis Plants make their own food using the process called ________________. During photosynthesis, the leaves absorb sunlight in the __________________. They also absorb ___________________. They combine these with water that comes from the _________________. The leaves use the sunlight to chemically change the carbon dioxide and water into ______________. This is used as food by the plant and stored for future use. Plants are called _________________ because they do make their own food. Chloroplasts Carbon Dioxide Roots Sugar Producers

6 Plant Life Cycle Plants have a life cycle that goes from seed to _______to _________to _______to __________ to ______. Seed Seedling Adult Flowering adult Seed s

7 The flower has special parts which help with pollination
The flower has special parts which help with pollination. The ______________ are colorful and smell good so that they help to attract insects and other animals to the flower. The ____________ are the small green leaves that protect the flower. The ___________________ are the male part of the flower and contain the pollen on the end. The __________ is the female part that creates the new seed. Pollination occurs when the pollen is moved from the stamen to the pistil. petals sepals stamen pistil

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