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1 Individualised Support for Learning through ePortfolios (ISLE) Dr Paul Rodaway University of Paisley.

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1 1 Individualised Support for Learning through ePortfolios (ISLE) Dr Paul Rodaway University of Paisley

2 2 Structure of Presentation u The partnership u Aims & Objectives of ISLE u PDP and ePortfolio u The Concept & Vision u Outline Plan u Transformational Changes

3 3 The partnership u University of Paisley u University of Abertay, Dundee u Angus College u Ayr College u Bell College of HE u Dumfries & Galloway College u Glenrothes College u Fife College of Further & Higher Education u James Watt College of Further & Higher Education u Motherwell College u Queen Margaret University College

4 4 Aims u Significantly improve progression, retention & achievement, and support lifelong learning & wider participation u Develop a shared concept of PDP flexibly supported through blended learning u Transform staff perceptions of PDP u Enable FE & HE to meet the diverse and individual needs of learners in a radically more efficient & effective manner

5 5 Objectives u Establish & demonstrate effectiveness of a common pedagogical framework grounded in a shared concept of PDP u Identify & exploit opportunities to sharing learning support expertise & resources (esp electronic) u Demonstrate & evaluate the application of shared ePortfolio platforms (effectiveness & efficiency) & inform strategic developments u Realise tangible benefits for learners in terms of effective learning, increased skills, self-awareness & employability u Identify, develop & deliver support & training for staff & students collaboratively u Disseminate results of project across the sector.

6 6 PDP & ePortfolio PDP - a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning and/or achievement and to plan for their personal education and career development (Dearing, also adopted by ELF) ePortfolio – an electronic tool to support PDP, including an electronic archive, opportunities for diagnostic testing & interactive learning, feedback & support, and facilities to manipulate & present outputs, such as a CV (ISLE definition)

7 7 The Vision ePortfolio framework ( VLE/ePDP/eP tools ) PDP in FE (SQA HN?) PDP in HE (QAA ELF) common model? Diagnostic Tools & Feedback Communication & Signposting Links to other on-line resources & f2f processes HE Support FE Tutor HE Tutor FE Support Utilising a dedicated ePDP/ ePortfolio tool FAQ software - potential to give an initial feedback & signposting tool? Utilising exisitng VLE resources (Bb.WebCT etc) Utilising diagnostic software tools & integrating them to other systems Links to on-line learning resources (external & from within consortium) Learner Linking learners, support and tutors through a common eLearning framework

8 8 Outline Plan u Project Launch – internal/external ( April-June ) u Establishing institutional benchmarks ( May-June) u Common Framework Development ( June - Oct 2005) u Evaluation of common ePortfolio Platforms (June-Nov 05 with ongoing refinement through project) Embedding Common eLearning Framework (Oct 05- June 07) 4 locally configured models: –Implementation Cluster 1 (Paisley, Ayr, JWatt, D&G) –Implementation Cluster 2 (Abertay, Angus, Fife, Glenrothes) –Implementation Cluster 3 (Motherwell, QMCU, Bell) –Implementation Cluster 4 (Fife, Abertay, Angus, Glenrothes) u Support, Training & Development (staff /students) (Sept 05 – Feb 07) Evaluation & Dissemination ( throughout project )

9 9 Transformational changes… u Embedding of an FE/HE learning model based around the principles of personal development planning delivered/supported through blended learning strategies u A qualitative change in the nature of face to face interactions between staff & students, with an overall reduction; AND a changes in the balance of roles between teaching and support staff in and between FE/HE u More individualised, relevant and timely support to learners at each stage of learning, and the removal of duplication… a more seamless and enhanced experience for learners and a smarter use of resources to support learning u Significant improvements in student achievement, progression and retention – and ultimately gains to lifelong learning and employability

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