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The Research Enterprise in Psychology

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1 The Research Enterprise in Psychology
Unit 1 Chapter 2 Research Methods, Measurement, and Statistics Students will describe research methods and measurements used to study behavior and mental processes and identify ethical issues in research with human and non-human animals. Students will also explain basic concepts of data analysis

2 Steps in a Scientific Investigation
hypothesis- tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variables variables- any measurable conditions, events, characteristics, or behaviors that are controlled or observed in a study theory- set of interrelated ideas used to explain and connect known facts and predict events P.1 Describe the scientific method and its role in psychology.

3 Experiments experiments allow researchers to detect cause-and-effect relationships among variables and subjects independent variable- condition/event that is manipulated dependent variable- affected by manipulation of independent variable experimental group- subjects who receive special treatment through independent variable control group- subjects who do not receive special treatment P.2 Describe and compare a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods

4 Other Research Methods
Naturalistic Observation Researcher engages in careful observation of behavior without intervening directly with subjects Less artificial than experiments Case Studies in-depth investigation of an individual subject data collection methods include interviews, observations, and psychological testing popular among clinical psychologists investigating psychological disorders Surveys questionnaires or interviews that gather information about subjects background or behavior collect data on attitudes and opinions from large samples P.2 Describe and compare a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods

5 Research Problems and Resolutions
extraneous variables- any variable other than IV that influences DV confounding of variables- occurs when 2 variables are linked making it difficult to sort out their specific effects random assignment- all subjects have equal chance or being assigned to any group or condition in study P.3 Elaborate on systematic procedures used to improve the validity of research findings

6 Looking for Flaws: Evaluating Research
P.9 Explain how validity and reliability of observations and measurements relate to data analysis.

7 Know your terms Hypothesis: IV: DV: Control Group: Experimental Group:
proposed explanation variable the researcher controls/manipulates response to the change in the independent variable; the measurements collected in the experiment subjects do not receive the independent variable; standard of comparison for the experimental group subjects exposed to the independent variable; the test group

8 Quiz Practice Students who study perform better in school. Hypothesis: If _______________________________, then _______________________________________ IV: ___________________ DV: __________________ Control Group: _____________________________ Experimental Group: ________________________ a student studies he/she will perform better in school studying grades/performance students not studying students studying

9 Conduct Your Own! First, pick a topic that interests your group.
Formulate a hypothesis. MUST be a statement about the outcome you predict will occur. Choose a method Survey or naturalistic observation Collect your data Tally marks work great! Analyze Data & Draw Conclusions Create a chart/graph to represent the data you collected Draw 2-3 conclusions on why you think people responded or behaved in certain ways. Report your Findings Include a final statement about your results State whether your hypothesis was supported or rejected. Last, turn in to basket with all members names.

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