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Mathematics for Economics: enhancing Teaching and Learning.

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1 Mathematics for Economics: enhancing Teaching and Learning

2 RATIONALE T&L challenges –Mixed intake of students on economics programmes –Widening participation agenda –Focus on interactive and inclusive learning

3 AIM To maximise student attendance, engagement and participation in mathematics for economics through the provision of an accessible and fully interactive toolkit of varied and flexible resources

4 PROJECT OBJECTIVES Online question bank 5 interactive video units 10 teaching and learning guides Interactive website

5 ONLINE QUESTION BANK 200 – 300 question styles, many millions of question realisations Diagnostic testing Seminars/Tutorials Problem Sheets Video Support Revision Assessment

6 VIDEO UNITS 5 units covering 10 units of study Several short segments to each unit Video feedback and support For each concept: –Studio explanation –Diagram/graph/formula –Real world examples illustrating principles of economics

7 T&L GUIDES Present innovative and interactive approaches to teaching maths concepts Topical Flow charts –Presentation of concepts –Incorporate question bank –Incorporate video materials –T&L activities

8 QUESTION BANK – UPDATE Completed over half of the question styles Have begun making questions subject specific Are working on the development of templates and build your own facilities

9 Question randomisation Random item Reverse engineered for integer Q Currency (£,$,euro) Random price NB

10 Pedagogically different question

11 Part of the feedback

12 Multi-choice (decontexturalised) Can be this Distracters generated by mal- rules Random coeffs and degrees of polynomials

13 T,F or U (a harder question!) NB Informality! Feedback e.g. You have the score of an average baboon

14 VIDEO UNITS – UPDATE All film scripts complete Two demo clips have been produced Completed the majority of on location filming Trialled all maths questions Studio work due to be complete by March 2006

15 T&L GUIDES – UPDATE Teaching activity portfolio complete Contracts and documentation for authoring of T&L Guides complete Matching activities to mathematical concepts is ongoing

16 WEBSITE Website team in place Draft website to be presented on January 26, 2006 Integration of resources to take place throughout 2006/07

17 DISSEMINATION – Year 1 21 conferences and workshops 7 articles Project brochure Formation of Economics Advisory Group Formation of Student Feedback Forum 8 Feedback groups (64 individuals)

18 MEETINGS AND EVALUATION 7 project management meetings 2 steering committee meetings 1 evaluation report and another due by January 31, 2006. The end of year 1 evaluation will be based on a questionnaire distributed to all project team members


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