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1 Economics Network Open Educational Resources TRUE

2 TRUE HEFCE allocated £5 million funding for OER projects in different disciplines Encouraging academics to share teaching and learning resources Three levels of bid – Individual, Institutional & Subject Each subject strand project is developing an OER project using a different model of engagement and dissemination The Economics Network was awarded £218,000 to develop a model based on the development of 14 individual subject specific wikis

3 Health Economics The 14 wikis will be developed in the same format as the wiki that already exists for health economics Encouraged those working in the field of health economics to share resources Highlights events, encourages communication A simple, inclusive structure http//

4 TRUE The 14 sub-discipline included in the TRUE project cover typical level 2 and 3 undergraduate options on Economics degrees. Resources in the public domain are quite limited in most of these areas There are many high quality resources accompanying modules in specific universities, many within a VLE. Resources will be organised by specialism and, within each specialism, they will be catalogued according to resource type.

5 Teaching Resources These resources will include –syllabus outlines –reading lists –assessment materials –seminar and workshop materials –lecture slides –handouts –case studies –electronic reusable learning objects –Web 2.0 tools –other innovative teaching materials that have been developed by individual lecturers.

6 Specialist Areas Development Economics – University of Southampton Environmental Economics – University of Portsmouth Experimental Economics – University of Exeter Labour Economics – University of Dundee International Economics – UWE Monetary Economics – Cardiff University Regional and Local Economics – University of Portsmouth

7 Econometrics – Kingston University European Economics – University of Birmingham Heterodox Economics – City University Law and Economics – University of Hull Industrial Economics – University of Nottingham Public Sector Economics – University of Durham Risk and Uncertainty – University of Nottingham

8 FAME 4 FDTL5 funded projects Final stage of evaluation Lecturer experience/feedback Student engagement/feedback September 2009 - December 2009 £500 per evaluation

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