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Company Profile.

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1 Company Profile

2 Company profiles The genre of the “company profile” can take many different forms in business writing. Generally, however, it is a summary of key aspects of a business. Its purpose is to inform customers and the media. Often it includes the company’s philosophy. A good company profile also attracts good employees—you want to work for this cool company. Think of a company profile as an organization's “glamour shot” (but with content).

3 Company profiles Some company profiles share similarities with market analysis reports and annual reports. Market analysis reports are written for internal audiences to help a company make decisions about potential growth areas. Annual reports (and quarterly reports) are written for external audiences (and boards of directors) to describe an organization's current fiscal state and status of goals.

4 What are characteristics of company profiles?
They provide information about an organization in an accessible manner. They tell what a company does, how it got started, something about its market share, and what it does better than its competitors. They are beautifully-written and designed. They may be delivered in paper or via the web. They are written for public audiences.

5 Sample: Company Profiles
Often you can find company profile information on the company website. Some include a link to a short presentation or document with more information about the company.






11 At our library visit, you will learn about additional
resources, such as Hoovers and Form 990s, to find company information for the profile that you will write.

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