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Partner Logo Tier1/A and Tier2 in GridPP2 John Gordon GridPP6 31 January 2003.

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1 Partner Logo Tier1/A and Tier2 in GridPP2 John Gordon GridPP6 31 January 2003

2 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 2 Summary u Tier1s now and soon n Hardware n Staffing u Tier2s u A unified GridPP Grid

3 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 3 Tier1A Current status u 2002 resources – 500 cpus, 46TB disk, 50-100TB of tape, increase in /home/csf and AFS plus supporting networking u Hardware Plan for 2003 (now) n Tenders out now for disk, cpu, n Datastore upgrade (STK 9940B) Gbit ethernet, extra staging space u Hardware Plan for 2003 (later) n Further tenders in 2003 to spend the remainder of GridPP hardware budget

4 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 4 …and beyond 2003

5 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 5 users/grids

6 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 6

7 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 7 How do we share resources?

8 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 8 Staffing Levels u Today around 14 people n Not all in post u GridPP2 plan = 16 n Not a big increase for the proposed extra work n See Andrews talk on extra layers of software n Ignores 24x7 support n Tier1/A outreach and support requires more u Middleware Support n Needed in UK, even if we no longer develop any ourselves n Most efficient at Tier1/A but not strictly necessary n Support staff should be involved with development

9 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 9 Tier1 Service Development u LCG is the biggest unknown n RAL an early adopter in run-up to LCG1 in July n …but what middleware will it run n Still much discussion on resources, policies, and operations u Data Challenges in 2003 n Serious amounts of data to be stored and tranferred n Stress tests of all parts of the service n How will they run? - current service, EDG, LCG? u Spreading the (always limited) resources n Between all experiments and grids

10 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 10 Tier2 Plans u In 2002 GridPP called for expressions of interest from Tier2s n Offering 0.5sy each if effort matched s For the last year of GridPP n Four collaborations emerged (ScotGrid, London, North, South) s We will hear from them today u Resources not funded by GridPP2 (as GridPP1) u Staff in GridPP2 plan (eg 4 centres @ 4 FTE)

11 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 11 Tier2 Issues u MoU on use of Tier2 resources? n eg LCG wants projection of resources available to each LHC expt n How to implement any such policies (local/vs external; between expts) u What is a distributed Tier2? n How does one implement a single external view/interface?

12 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 12 EDG LCG Other Data Challenges

13 John Gordon –GridPP6- n° 13 Towards a Production GridPP2 Grid u UK-wide infrastructure n Centres - Tier1, Tier2s, others?, n Services - Information Service, Resource Broker, VO, VOMS, RLS, CA n Support - TB-support, Helpdesk, Grid Support Centre, applications n Operations – monitoring, systems support, resource scheduling, accounting u Applications n To deliver the service they want, we need all of the above at production quality n We also need middleware – but from where?

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