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GridPP4 – Revised Plan Implementing the PPAN recommendations.

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1 GridPP4 – Revised Plan Implementing the PPAN recommendations

2 8/Sep/10 GridPP CB 2 Overview The GridPP4 proposal was reduced by 20% during the initial writing phase during the Prioritisation exercise. Those changes were agreed by the CB on January 21 st 2010. The proposal was submitted to STFC on February 24 th and sent out to reviewers. The PPRP considered the proposal and accompanying reviews in April and requested responses to a set of 14 questions including scenarios changing the scope of the project by an additional -5%, -10% and -15%. The site visit on May 14 th generated more questions and a request for a more detailed -10% scenario (response circulated to CB on June 22 nd ). Feedback from PPAN was received on August 10 th and circulated to the CB. The project was provisionally approved at about the -10% level. Behind the scenes there is some additionalcomplexity due to cuts to the current year of GridPP.

3 Provisional Approval/Interim Award 3 No interim STFC staff funding (to be managed internally). One years T1 and T2 hardware (only). No travel and misc costs (eg. OPN). Hope all this is resolved after CSR before start of GridPP4. Indicative

4 Implementation Following the PPAN/PPRP recommendations (see letter) we propose: Re-costing STFC staff - £430k. Reduce travel - £167k. Reduce project management - £135k. Reduced impact/KE - £147k. Reduced support for non-LHC experiments: 0.5 FTE Tier-1; 0.25 FTE Tier-2 (Durham); and 0.5 FTE in WP-D (experiment specific support at IC/RAL) - £402k. Removal of the following posts - £552k: –0.5 FTE GridSite (Manchester) –0.5 FTE Data Management (Glasgow) –0.5 FTE Grid Operations Centre (RAL) –0.2 FTE Network liaison (STFC) 10% reduction in level of support for LHC group analysis (next slide) - £455k. Removal of working allowance - £491k (Note: Hardware reduction of ~£500k moved to GridPP3) 4 GridPP CB 8/Sep/10

5 Group Analysis ATLAS and CMS requested the development of Group Analysis Tier-2 sites in the GridPP4 project and were allocated 10 + 5 posts respectively to ensure a core of Tier-2 sites with a minimum of 2 FTE/site. PPAN cuts of 10% translates into a reduction of 1.0 + 0.5 FTE for ATLAS and CMS. ATLAS has decided to reduce 2 FTE to 1.8 FTE at Glasgow, Lancaster, Liverpool, Oxford and QMUL, preserving all the posts and allowing institutes to manage internally. CMS has similarly chosen to start all posts as planned and the institutes have agreed to co-fund the posts to the end point at the 10% level. LHCb performs analogous analysis at Tier-1; weve assumed that the stretching of effort due to the other cuts to the Tier-1 will already mean a 10% impact on LHCb. 5 GridPP CB 8/Sep/10

6 Hardware Hardware savings were suggested for GridPP4 but the GridPP3 FY10 capital reduction of £2.2m £1.6m £1.1m? was a complication. The first of these reductions was manageable due to the new LHC schedule and revised experiment requirements. The second was managed by deferring spend into GridPP4, increasing the required hardware budget and negating hardware savings that could be proposed. Thus, although no explicit hardware cuts are apparent in the PPAN recommendations, they are actually implicit. Additional complications are generated by large changes in the tape technology scheduled around the end of GridPP3 and by the fact that the current CPU purchase is looking considerably more expensive than projected. 6 GridPP CB 8/Sep/10

7 Financial Summary 7 GridPP CB Project Manager (Sarah Pearce) will be in contact with each institute to confirm details for JeS forms. All posts proposed at the institutes in the GridPP proposal are funded, except for those explicitly noted as reduced or cut on slides 4 and 5. 8/Sep/10

8 Conclusion If we get the money provisionally approved we can deliver (though non-LHC experiments may have to be patient and wait for lulls in the LHC resource usage) but there is a lot of uncertainty/risk at the moment associated with the CSR and future hardware costs. Request is for the CB to approve this plan for submission to STFC as the revised plan for GridPP4 following the PPAN approval and feedback. 8 GridPP CB 8/Sep/10

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