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Bringing the emphasis back to Open Access Bill Hubbard RSP Autumn School, Miskin Manor 9 th November 2011.

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1 Bringing the emphasis back to Open Access Bill Hubbard RSP Autumn School, Miskin Manor 9 th November 2011

2 In the beginning was the Repository Repositories were about Open Access to research results OA benefits for researchers, authors, institutions, funders, the public Objective was to reach the tipping point Key was to get content Vision was Open Access to the worlds research But then....

3 Compromise and growth First compromise was weak OA When we built it, they didnt come... Content became a driver in itself RAE horse and the IR cart TARDIS and add the full-text later... What happens when a researcher finds access denied from an Open Access repository?

4 Institutional integration Links to RPD, RAE, staff information pages, staff web pages, departmental web pages, research management systems, virtual learning environments, eTheses collection, etc Does integration mean a loss of identity? Does that matter if goals are achieved? Does integration bring a loss of focus?

5 Too many goals for too few resources? Open Access eTheses Open Data Open Educational Resources Grey literature Open Peer Review, Web2.0, Open Science Open Access Journals advocacy and support Open Access Journals on campus start-up

6 Too many goals... #2 RAE and now REF CRIS and research management Staff data records and management Funders policy compliance Institutional mandate compliance Metadata enhancement Dare I say... Preservation?

7 Multiplicity of goals Reflection of maturity or of adolescence? What has happened to Open Access to research? What is our priority? Or has it become individual priorities within each institution? Do our advocacy messages match our priorities? Does a mismatch cause any problems?

8 Infrastructure is in place... Repositories 2132 worldwide, 201 UK-based Journals 7288 journals worldwide - plus hybrids Funder policies Publications: 55 - Data: 25 - Journals: 22 Institutional policies 135 policies reported, plus etheses Services and processes source: OpenDOAR, DOAJ, JULIET, ROARMAP, 09/11/11

9 What is available? Is your repository full-text only or do you also accept metadata only records? Full-text only 18 24% Metadata only and full-text 56 76% TOTAL responses 74 Percentage full-text in repositories: Average across all institutions57% What percentage of output is Open Access? Source - RSP Wiki Summary:

10 IR USP Do repositories get lost among other services?


12 Mendeley 129,692,213 Papers 1,319,469 People 112,949 Groups 30,529 Institutions

13 IR USP Infrastructure is in place and links have been made... time to reclaim an identity around Open Access to research? Could be as OA service cf OA repository Strong vs Weak OA - use rights Moral argument gets traction with academics Can CRIS systems help in this? CRIS as bib records, IR as full-text OA

14 CRIS + Repositories at UK Universities AberdeenPure + DSpace BournemouthSymplectic + EPrints BrightonConveris + EPrints BrunelSymplectic + DSpace CambridgeSymplectic + DSpace City U London:Symplectic + EPrints CranfieldConveris +DSpace DundeePure + DSpace EdinburghPure + DSpace ExeterSymplectic + DSpace Glasgow CldnPure + Digital Commons GlasgowBespoke + EPrints Heriot-WattsPure + DSpace HertfordshirePure + DSpace HullConveris + Fedora ImperialSymplectic + DSpace KeeleSymplectic + intraLibrary LancasterPure + EPrints Leeds MetSymplectic + intraLibrary LeedsSymplectic + EPrints LeicesterSymplectic + DSpace OxfordSymplectic + Fedora Plymouth:Symplectic + DSpace Queen MarySymplectic + DSpace Ryl HollowayPure + Equella SheffieldSymplectic + EPrints St AndrewsPure + DSpace StirlingConveris + DSpace StrathclydePure + EPrints SurreySymplectic + Eprints UCLSymplectic + Eprints York Pure + EPrints Source - modified from Google Doc:

15 ... to conclude... Do you feel a loss of focus with the repository? Does Open Access to research papers as an aim still resonate with you, with colleagues? Would there be a benefit to re-evaluation and re-focussing? Jackies session may address these ideas - for now, can CRIS bring the emphasis back to Open Access?

16 Bill Hubbard

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