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Developing Research Repositories - JISC Innovation Forum Bill Hubbard SHERPA and RSP Manager.

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1 Developing Research Repositories - JISC Innovation Forum Bill Hubbard SHERPA and RSP Manager

2 The route Open Access Mountain

3 The start of the journey... Open Access Budapest Open Access Initiative An old tradition and a new technology have converged to make possible an unprecedented public good... Lofty principals - can we climb this far?

4 Why? Because its there? Open access benefits for authors for researchers for research processes for institutions for research funders for public Offers a sustainable basis for the future Some people have gone there and seen it working

5 The Open Access landscape Open Access - definitions Open Access Journals Open Access Repositories Data Providers and Service Providers Global repository network to underpin adoption Author-led and innovative services to support use Stakeholders authors, researchers, institutions, funders, learned societies, public, publishers...

6 The route: institutional repositories The OAI-PMH allows a single gateway to search and access many repositories subject-based portals or views subject-based classification and search institutional storage and support Practical reasons use institutional infrastructure integration into work-flows and systems support is close to academic users and contributors

7 Made a trail into the new area... JISC FAIR programme, and many others... GNU eprints, TARDIS, DAEDALUS, EThOS, VERSIONS, Repository Bridge, DRIVER, et al Overseas and international initiatives Advocacy and engagement Policy development Growth of OA Community Conferences galore!

8 Voices of support Institutional mandates Funding mandates RCUK Wellcome Trust Arthritis Research Campaign and more Parliamentary Select Committee Report European Commission 'Study on the Economic and Technical Evolution of the Scientific Publication Markets of Europe Petition - 22,000 signatures NIH Mandate

9 Path graphic Looking back down the path

10 Process of setting up repositories is ok Systems works - put things in and get them out Copyright was not the unbridgeable crevasse we feared... Achieved regional, national, international support OA academic approval at over 80% but...

11 Repositories by continent

12 Repositories in Europe

13 Russell and 1994 Groups University of Bath Birkbeck University of Birmingham University of Bristol University of Cambridge Cardiff University University of Durham University of East Anglia University of Edinburgh ( University of Essex ) University of Exeter University of Glasgow Goldsmiths Queens University ( University of Reading ) Royal Holloway University of St Andrews University of Sheffield SOAS University of Southampton University of Surrey University of Sussex University of Warwick UCL University of York Imperial College King's College London Lancaster University University of Leeds University of Leicester University of Liverpool Loughborough University LSE University of Manchester University of Newcastle University of Nottingham University of Oxford Queen Mary

14 Difficulties and obstacles

15 The difficulties A good case is not enough The way across Copyright Crevasse was too narrow for authors comfort The view from Base Camp was hard to shake subject basis, quality control, plagiarism Reluctance to leave well-trodden paths The Search party didnt turn up The view from here is still too restricted Authors want sherpas to carry the load

16 Obstacles and tricky conditions Embargoes Double-charge access becoming embedded Crevasse of Copyright is still unsettling Loss of focus within repositories Metadata-only entries cloud the view Author engagement cf approval

17 Next stage of the climb After our review, re-quip ourselves for the next stage of the climb...

18 Where we are going - re-scoping Teaching and learning Professional support environments Course administration Communication environments Preservation and true archives Institutional choice - for most research-led institutions, a focus on research...

19 Where we are going - facilities Exposure for harvesting... Linkage to departmental pages Linkage to personal pages - career logs RAE/REF - citation and usage analyses Beyond pdf - text and data-mining Virtual Research Environments Web 2.0 - mash-ups and tagging

20 Where we are going - embedding Institutional integration with... Workflows Repository as a set of services Staffing and management Funder mandate compliance Information management & REF Exploitation and outreach Virtual research environments

21 Next steps Mandates - support them! support compliance, integration, stakeholder involvement Focus - choose a clear path Metadata repositories - remember the advantage has to be for users, not statisticians Engagement - academics support the idea: allow them to support the repository Services - offer services that make life better! NB - all this is people, processes, and politics, rather than technology

22 Assistance RSP - Intute Repository Search - RoMEO - JULIET - OpenDOAR - and ~/search The Depot - SHERPA - BASE - DRIVER - UKCoRR -

23 The view from the top

24 Bill Hubbard

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