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Many methods are used to control pathogens.

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1 KEY CONCEPT Living in a clean environment and building immunity help keep a person healthy.

2 Many methods are used to control pathogens.
Antibiotics and antiseptics cause pathogens to burst.

3 Antiseptics kill pathogens outside of the body.
do not target specific pathogens examples include vinegar and soap Antibiotics kill pathogens inside the body. target one specific bacterium or fungus not effective against viruses

4 Antibiotic resistance can cause medicines to become ineffective.
Some bacteria in a population have genes that make them immune to antibiotics. These bacteria spread the gene, making the antibiotics useless. A bacterium carries genes for antibiotic resistance on a plasmid. A copy of the plasmid is transferred through conjugation. Resistance is quickly spread through many bacteria.

5 Vaccines artificially produce acquired immunity.
Vaccines also control pathogens and disease. given to prevent illness contain the antigen of a weakened pathogen

6 9. What is a vaccine? A substance that produces active immunity. Why do vaccines do that allow the body do to gain immunity without getting sick? Produce memory cells 11. Memory cells do not have to be activated- they respond right away. 12.Vaccines are made of : dead, whole pathogens, weak pathogens, pieces of pathogens, bacterial toxins

7 Vaccination provides immunity. stimulates a specific immune response
Antigens in a vaccine trigger an immune response, and memory B cells are made. 1 memory B cells causes memory cells to be produced A memory B cell is stimulated when the real pathogen binds to it. 2 allows immune system to respond quickly to infection The B cell quickly activates and makes antibodies that fight the pathogens before you get sick. 3 has such a fast response, a person will not get sick

8 13. Antiseptics- destroy disease causing particles that are outside the body.
14. What is an antibiotic resistance bacteria? pathogens that survive in the presence of the antibiotic

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