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Landforms (Relief Features) associated with plate boundaries

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1 Landforms (Relief Features) associated with plate boundaries
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2 Constructive Plate Boundary – initial stage
Rift Valley e.g. East African rift valley

3 Initial doming from upwelling magma
Leads to Y-shaped rifting. Rift Valley with stepped faults, and tilted blocks (horsts)

4 A shallow sea basin may form – lots of evaporite salt deposits.
Middle Stage

5 Later stage Mid ocean ridge created by sea floor spreading.
Magnetic stripes as evidence for the spreading. Fissure volcanoes e.g. Iceland

6 Underwater mountain range
Central rift valley Offset by transform faults

7 Destructive Plate Boundary – type 1
Ocean plate v. Ocean plate Ocean trench e.g. Aleutian trench Island arc volcanoes e.g. Aleutians (off Alaska)

8 Pacific Ring of Fire

9 Destructive Plate Boundary – type 2
Ocean plate v. Continental plate (Sometimes called a SUBDUCTION ZONE) Ocean plate subducts as it is denser Ocean trench e.g. Peru-Chile trench Cordillera range of Young Fold Mountains e.g. Andes Andesitic volcanic peaks e.g. Nevada del Ruiz

10 Destructive Plate Boundary – type 3
Continental plate v. continental Plate collision A collision zone Major fold mountains e.g. Himalayas and High Plateau e.g. Tibet e.g. Ocean plate carrying India drifted northwards until India collided with Eurasian plate.

11 Conservative Plate Boundary
No volcanic features Plenty of earthquakes e.g. San Andreas fault. Fault line scarp slopes Horizontal movement faults

12 Fault displacement features

13 Conservative Plate Boundaries are transform faults
which displace mid ocean ridges in Constructive plate Boundaries Transform fault Mid ocean ridge

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