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Industry in the North of Italy Case Study of FIAT cars.

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1 Industry in the North of Italy Case Study of FIAT cars.

2 Fiat was founded on 11 July 1899 Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT). Giovanni Agnelli became managing director in 1902. The first factory was opened in 1900 in Corso Dante. 150 workers were employed there and produced 24 cars

3 In 1937 works started for the great Mirafiori plant, which introduced the conveyor belts and confirmed focus on mass production.

4 In the past Fiat specialised in making small cheap cars.

5 Second World War drastic reduction in the production of cars, construction of commercial vehicles increased considerably. Fiat Pandolino train.

6 The Robogate system In 1978 the automation of production. Fiat Strada hand made by robots! Fiat management met unions and the Italian government in 2002 to discuss cutting 8,100 jobs. More automation more and more jobs lost.

7 Many exports to the rest of Europe after World War Two e.g. TinTin admiring a Fiat

8 Not just making cars. Diversification

9 Fiat is a transnational company e.g. they make cars in Brazil A Polski Fiat 1960s

10 Fiat has brought 23 suppliers onto its Melfi manufacturing site Fiat began production in Melfi in 1993. It had not only created 6,000 jobs but had also attracted a supply chain consisting of 20 component companies employing 3,500. More strikes – even in the South.

11 Giovanni Agnelli president of Fiat for 35 years – died 2003. The Turin club, (Juventus) part of the business empire of the Fiat-owning Agnelli family, said total revenues for the quarter year jumped 63.1 percent to 95.9 million euros. 2006.

12 Fiat Chairman Montezemolo …. … Was the boss of Ferrari before that.

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