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Case Study: Kielder Water, Northumberland, England.

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1 Case Study: Kielder Water, Northumberland, England.
An example of human intervention in the water cycle – by increasing water storage and by transferring water. Task: Name and locate the scheme Describe the scheme (both storage and transfer) Explain why the scheme was thought to be necessary Give 4 advantages and four disadvantages of the scheme.

2 . Location of KIELDER WATER Reservoir
A water storage and transfer scheme. .

3 Kielder Water lies in unspoilt country about 40 miles north-west of Newcastle, just a few miles south of the Scottish border.


5 A Multi- Purpose scheme
Kielder Dam – constructed during 1975 to 1982. It cost £185 million.

6 Water Supply purpose: 12 Km long reservoir. Stores 188,000 million litres.

7 H.E.P. Supply Purpose Kielder Water is one of Europe's largest man made lakes. It houses the Kielder Hydrolectric plant – England’s biggest HEP scheme. The turbine house is located just below the Kielder dam and is powered by dual turbines capable of producing just over 6 megawatts of ‘green’ power.

8 The water held by Kielder Reservoir is used to help regulate flow into the River Tyne
Flood Control Purpose Great Tyne Flood 1771 – never again?

9 Forestry Purpose as well
Surrounded by a 100,000 hectare forest – one of Europe’s largest plantations.

10 … And Leisure Purpose too


12 In the 1970s they thought the industries of the north east region would need so much water that demand would exceed supply.

13 By the time it was built many of the industries had gone.
But other areas were short of water – like Yorkshire

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