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How often do you worry.... …about earthquakes.

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1 How often do you worry...

2 …about earthquakes



5 …about wars.

6 …about tsunamis


8 All over the world, every minute of every day, adults and children alike are forced to live with consequences. Consequences of occurrences far beyond their control. But is it really a life worth the pain, suffering, hurt.

9 Af+er Ma+h

10 At Af+erMa+h, we know that after such devastation and destruction, aid from organisations and governments such as our own can be a godsend to families who maybe will never be able to rebuild…

11 …but we want to focus on the longer-term. We want to offer families the support they so desperately need until the very last moment they need it.

12 We will teach those who have no homes to return to how to replace. We will offer the tools for them to rebuild their homesteads. Also, we will teach them how to protect their homes from the effects of disasters that may be yet to come.

13 If any are in need of medication, we will provide their funding and ensure that, if needed, it is supplied regularly, until they have no further need of it.

14 We will offer those whose injuries go deeper than their skin not just medication. We will ensure they have the opportunity to receive the help of a fully-trained, understanding psychologist.

15 Af+terMa+h is the hand that helps even the poorest of families to the end of their long struggle with their loss. The very end. Always. Wouldnt you want that?

16 If you want to be a part of our work, donate or wish to know more, contact us via the contact details stated below. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3. T: 08361 254385 E: W:

17 If you collected just £1 pound form everyone in your form, you could help a child to the end of their journey. Are you willing to help ?

18 For us its a news report; for them its a life. By Caitlin Smith, Millie Baynton and Harriet Staley

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