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1 In September Felix hit the Caribbean, what was Felix?

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2 1 In September Felix hit the Caribbean, what was Felix?

3 2 Bear Grylls returned to Channel 4, where was his first two part survival programme set?

4 3 In September a report by the Office for National Statistics said the projected population for the U.K. in 2016 would be how many million?

5 4 In October Mr Cassidy travelled to which country?

6 5 Whilst Mr Whiles, Mrs Bennet and Mr Wilkinson travelled to which city?

7 6 In October Cyclone Sidr hit which country causing the death of an estimated ten thousand people?

8 7 In October a judge decided that Geographers in schools could show which climate change film if they provided a balanced argument?

9 8 In July, which politician said that British households should waste less food in response to the food crisis?

10 9 In June the European Football Championship took place, which team won?

11 10 In May the Eurovision Song Contest has held in Serbia, but which country won?

12 11 Which capital?

13 12 This country continued to be in the news throughout the year…

14 13 From September to December Miss Thornhill was teaching in which country?

15 14 In which city will the Olympics be held this year?

16 15 This is a mine in Siberia, Russia, but what primary product is mined?

17 16 Name the place below

18 17 Which continent is missing from the World?

19 18 What does this symbol stand for on an

20 19 Whats unusual about this Google Map image?

21 20 On 17 th February a new European nation came into existence, what is its name?

22 21 Whats wrong with this map of the United States of America?

23 22 On 1 st /2nd of March what event woke people from their beds in Britain?

24 23 Name the geographical feature.

25 24 Which continent is shown below?

26 25 In May a massive earthquake hit the region of Sichuan, in which country is this found?

27 26 In May Cyclone Nargis hit which Asian country causing the death of thousands?

28 27 Despite claims of, electoral fraud, intimidation and violence against opposition politicians, in July this man was elected President of which country?

29 28 Which country?

30 29 Which country?

31 30 This man is the new mayor of which capital city?

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