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T.Cassidy/I.Marston K.H.C.T.C.. CourseworkExam Year 1017%N/A Year 1150%33%

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1 T.Cassidy/I.Marston K.H.C.T.C.


3 CourseworkExam Year 1017%N/A Year 1150%33%

4 Using resource one, describe the location of the Mall and Broadmead shopping areas. Some tips. Put it into place… what is it in relation to… Use compass points. Use named features. Use the scale. 1cm= 1km

5 Outskirts of Bristol. 8.5 k.m. North of the C.B.D. Where the A4018 meets Junction 17 of the M5 Motorway. C.B.D of Bristol, next to the A38. 8.5 k.m. South of Cribbs Causway. 2 k.m. from Junction 3 of the M32 Motorway. C.B.D.- Central Business District- Commercial and financial heart of the city.

6 The Mall is an out of town shopping centre. Pilot Question- Think about why shopping centres locate out of town.


8 The Mall has 750,000 Square Feet of retailing space and contains 130 retail stores including two anchor stores, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. There is a split-level 1200 seat food court in The Mall with panoramic views. There are 15 food outlets within The Mall including a coffee bar at Marks and Spencer and a licensed restaurant at John Lewis called The Place to Eat which itself seats 320. There are 7000 free car parking spaces at The Mall.

9 Anchor store- a large multiple which is used to draw shoppers to an area. As the anchor will have a high threshold, this will attract other retailers to locate close to them, in the hope of business by association. Multiple- a chain store that is found in more than one shopping area across the country. Threshold Population- the number of customers needed to maintain the profitability of a retailer. Business by association- custom generated from being close to other major retailers.

10 FactorThe MallExplanation Land Cost. (the land was previously agricultural) Size of land 61,000 square metres. Access M4/M5 interchange. (4 million within 60 minutes) Environment Former Greenfield land.

11 Catchment area- the area from which a retailer draws it custom. Greenfield land- land that is used for agriculture or is currently left to nature. Friction of distance- greater distances will take more effort, money or energy to overcome. Bulk buying- when a consumer buys a large amount of products at one time.

12 Pilot Question-Why do people like/dislike out of town shopping? Consider resources 2,3,7 and your own knowledge.

13 Good access to public transport. (Resource 7) Larger range of independent retailers. (Resource 7) Long-term relationships with independent retailers. (Resource 7) Support local retailers. (?) Shorter distance to travel (if you live locally). Range of shops (and multiples) and services. (Resource 3and 6) Pleasant shopping environment, part- pedestrianised, vegetation, well lit, street furniture (Resource.3)

14 Difficulty in accessing and finding a car parking space during busy periods. (Resource 7) Feeling of being enclosed,trapped during busy shopping times. Lack of independent retailers. – Clones (Resource 7) Longer distance to travel (Depends on location…). Less accessible for those without cars. (Resource 7)

15 Question- Look at resource 3, what evidence is there to suggest that Broadmead has adapted its environment to attract shoppers?

16 Pilot- What are the implications of out of town shopping centres on the town centre and the out of town areas? Critics have argued that out of town shopping has lead to the death of the high street, but the movement of shopping to the outskirts has also had an impact on the areas they have located in. These impacts have been both positive and negative.

17 Positive Negative C.B.DOutskirts S= Social E= Economic En = Environmental Development moves to the outskirts of city, resulting in the decline of the C.B.D.. Video and card sorting activity.

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