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Persuasion Is All Around You! “Can You Hear Me Now?”

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2 Persuasion Is All Around You! “Can You Hear Me Now?”

3 What is persuasion? A means of convincing people: to buy a certain product to believe something or act in a certain way to agree with a point of view

4 Persuasive strategies often used in advertising Ethos Pathos Logos

5 Ethos--- creates credibility Ex. A well-known person supports a product or service

6 Ethos--- creates credibility Experts approve this product, so you should use it Ex. “Four out of five dentists recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum”

7 Pathos--- creates emotional appeal Ex. A person is made to have strong feelings about a situation or product

8 Logos– appeals to logic + reason Ex. One glass of Florida orange juice contains 75% of you daily Vitamin C

9 Common Persuasive Techniques in Advertising Slogan Repetition Bandwagon Avante Garde Weasel Words Magic Ingredients Patriotism Transfer Plain Folks Snob Appeal Bribery

10 Slogan: “Can you hear me now?” A catchy phrase or statement often used to sell a service or a product

11 Repetition: The name of a product is repeated many times HEAD ON Apply directly to the forehead

12 Bandwagon A statement suggesting that everyone is using a specific product, so you should too.

13 Avante Garde The suggestion that using this product puts the user ahead of the times. Ex. The all-new Toyota Prius… start the revolution of hybrid cars

14 Weasel Words “Weasel words” are used to suggest a positive meaning without actually really making any guarantee. Ex. “Crestor may reduce your cholesterol by up to 40%.”

15 Magic Ingredients The suggestion that some almost miraculous discovery makes the product exceptionally effective. Ex. “Try Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Collagen, Elastin, and Shea Butter.”

16 Patriotism The suggestion that purchasing this product shows your love of your country. Ex. “America runs on Dunkin’”

17 Transfer Positive words, images, and ideas are used to suggest that the product being sold is also positive. Ex. A smiling family sits down to a happy Thanksgiving dinner provided by Publix.

18 Plain Folks The suggestion that the product is a practical product of good value for ordinary people. Ex. A “typical busy mom” chooses a well- known brand of diaper over a brand considered “high end.”

19 Snob Appeal The suggestion that the use of the product makes the customer part of an elite group with a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. Ex. "Marines. Do you have what it takes?"

20 Bribery Bribery offers you something “extra.” Ex. Payless shoes offers a buy-one-get-one sale.

21 Audience Awareness Advertisers know how to target their audiences use appropriate persuasive technique

22 Who’s the audience?

23 Audience?

24 Purpose? Persuasive technique?

25 Audience? Purpose? Persuasive technique?

26 Audience?


28 Purpose?

29 Audience? Persuasive technique? Purpose?

30 Relevant facts Advertisers spend about $200 billion a year on TV advertising The average cost for Super Bowl ads is $2.6 million per 30 second spot The average American watches about 24,000 TV commercials a year

31 Making Connections What is your favorite jingle? What slogan for a product do you find yourself saying? What TV commercial has influenced you to make a purchase?

32 Reflection “Persuasion is all around you” In addition to TV commercials, where else do you see persuasion all around you? Is that persuasion influencing you or your family in any way? Explain.

33 Sources: Portions of this PowerPoint were provided by: Jennifer Bernhard Literacy Specialist Clark County Schools

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