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Macular Service Provision

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1 Macular Service Provision
Miss Clara McAvoy Consultant Ophthalmologist

2 Wet AMD- rapid decrease in vision and sudden onset

3 Treatment Burden Photodynamic therapy:
135 patients per million of population. 3 monthly review. Anti-VEGF: 450 patients per million of the population. monthly review.

4 Service Demand 2009/2010 Number of Referrals September 97 October 89
November 83 December 57 January 53 February 90 Total 469

5 Management Consultant Ophthalmologist.
Fast track clinic-ophthalmological examination fluorescein angiography OCT Diagnosis established- discharged/macular degeneration clinic or medical retina clinic/ clinical trial.

6 Pathway through the Clinic


8 Capacity- Potential Solutions
Treatment of Macular degeneration by non-retinal specialists. Intravitreal injections by trained technicians/ nurses. Follow- up clinics in community by optometrists. Clinical assessments by trained optometrists/ nurses under supervision of retinal specialist.

9 Other Considerations Newer treatments Newer indications Cost Audit

10 Summary Consultant Lead.
Hospital Optometrists and experienced imaging technicians. Audit.

11 Thank you for your attention

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