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Patient & Client Council Friday 16 th March 2007.

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1 Patient & Client Council Friday 16 th March 2007

2 Patient & Client Council An effective system must ensure that the voice of the patient can be heard. The four Health and Social Services Councils will be replaced by a powerful single healthcare user's body. A Patient and Client Council (PCC). Shaun Woodward MP, 22 November 2006

3 Patient & Client Council PCC working Group Proposals Roles and Functions Options for structure and organisation

4 Patient & Client Council Roles and Functions Set up as a Non Departmental Public Body; Represent the interests of the public; Promote involvement of the public; Provide advocacy services; Provide advice and information to the public about the design, commissioning and delivery of services

5 Patient & Client Council Where we are at present Working on establishing the PCC Some decisions made on the functions Structure – Independent from the Department and Health & Social Care Bodies Legislation

6 Patient & Client Council Structure and Organisation Powerful organisation Interact with communities Strategic overview of Health & Social Care Other organisations Duty to engage

7 Patient & Client Council Structure The Board Interests of the public Local Regional Powerful body

8 Patient & Client Council Interaction The PCC will interact with communities Community bodies Individuals Voluntary and community organisations

9 Patient & Client Council Feedback Any contribution now and in discussion By email/in writing later

10 Patient & Client Council Discussion How best can the PCC interact with local communities? How can it interact with other V&C organisations? What structure is best suited to ensuring local representation?

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