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The preferred option for change to schools in Melton Mowbray and the Vale of Belvoir Third Stage of Consultation The way forward Leicestershire County.

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1 The preferred option for change to schools in Melton Mowbray and the Vale of Belvoir Third Stage of Consultation The way forward Leicestershire County Council is consulting on your preferred option for improvement to the organisation of schools in your area

2 Introduction and Welcome Gareth Williams Director of Children and Young Peoples Service

3 The Vision for Children and Young People Each child and young person has a right to an inclusive high quality of education Our vision for Leicestershire must place children and young people at the centre of all activities we engage in To achieve success requires that we all work together as partners understanding that this is a shared endeavour and the child comes first

4 Developed by Headteachers, Governors and students Eight key principles: A reminder of our key principles for a new system of schools - Learners first- Staff development - Choice and personalisation- Collaboration - Quality outcomes- Size and location - Leadership- Managing change

5 Excellent response - over 1500 responses received during October Once again confirm a strong desire for change The Second Round of Consultation - What you told us Consistent messages - locality of schools and their size - breadth of curriculum offer and choice, particularly for post 16 - benefits of continuity for pupils from 11-16 years.

6 Views confirmed by pupils Other Key Messages The Second Round of Consultation - What you told us - importance of schools and their partners working together - building on success – managing the change whilst sustaining good practice and expertise - having effective transitional plans Most importantly……….. there is now a clear indication of your preferred way forward

7 The preferred option The Way Forward - Providing a new jointly managed post 16 centre of 600 places (for 16-19 year olds) - Primary schools in the Vale of Belvoir to accommodate Year 6 (Age 11) pupils - Developing three 11-19 schools in Melton Mowbray each of 800 places (for 11-16 year olds) on their existing sites - The re-modelling of Belvoir High School to provide a 600 place Trust or Voluntary Aided 11-16 school

8 Further discussions regarding The Way Forward - the opportunities to work in partnership with Brooksby Melton College and other post 16 providers within the area - the management arrangements and curriculum offer for the post 16 centre

9 Maintains local schools, best placed to meet the needs of pupils and the community Why is this considered to be the best choice? Provides a good opportunity for collaboration between schools Supports the development of partnerships within the community Provides potential for individual schools to develop specialist status Makes the best use of DfES funding opportunities

10 But most importantly Why is this considered to be the best choice? - puts the needs of learners first, offering stability, continuity, choice and equality of opportunity

11 How will the change be managed? Transitional arrangements Consultation with all stakeholders Will cover - pupil needs - staff - curriculum delivery - accommodation - organisational issues Close working with headteachers and school staff

12 How will the change be managed? General principles -putting the needs of pupils first -keeping disruption to a minimum -promoting trust and confidence -ensuring continuity of standards -valuing the knowledge and expertise of staff in our schools -building upon good practice -ensuring fairness and equity


14 Curriculum Development - The implications for Melton Mowbray and the Vale of Belvoir Schools and colleges and other partners work together to: - agree pathways 11-19 - agree common framework for KS3 curriculum - agree core subjects at KS4 - agree delivery of optional subjects - determine post 16 provision - prepare for collaborative pupil target setting

15 Curriculum Development – Further implications Timetable blocked for agreed sessions (e.g. 2 days) Written agreement for binding partnerships Collaborative cost management Robust data management systems Agreements concerning deployment of staff Flexible days

16 Admission Arrangements Current Admissions policy -admissions based primarily on catchment areas Special admission arrangements for the Review -process will as far as possible fit in with normal annual transfer process -to achieve minimum disruption, pupils will be able to stay at current school if age range extended All pupils able to access post 16 centre provided they meet the schools qualification requirements

17 Admission Arrangements Normal admission rules apply - both before and when schools change - normal transfer timetable - admission limits - review to achieve a balanced intake over time - requires separate process of consultation - Autumn 2007/Spring 2008 – consultation on catchment areas for 2009/10 pupil intake Secondary catchment areas

18 Supporting staff in schools Develop staffing protocol Consultation with all staff and relevant stakeholders including trade unions Commitment of Governing bodies and the Diocese

19 Supporting staff in schools General principles - key aim to preserve jobs skills and expertise - statutory safeguards for staff who take lower graded posts - as many staff as possible able to remain at current place of employment - where staff displaced we will seek to redeploy to their preferred location

20 Supporting staff in schools General principles cont…. - Individual support and consultation available throughout the process - No redundancy, compulsory or voluntary unless wholly exceptional circumstances - Continuous professional development is integral to success and will underpin all staffing decisions

21 The funding arrangements Capital funding £28.7 million - £5.9M Vale of Belvoir - £22.8M Melton Mowbray -affordability Ongoing revenue funding -transition costs County Council commitment to support - both Capital and Revenue

22 How to respond? Use the Consultation Response Form and return to the Freepost address, or; Online at Closing date - Friday 26 th January 2007

23 What happens next? You are encouraged to have your say Outcome of consultation reported to the Cabinet – February 2007 Similar consultation with other stakeholders Results shared with all stakeholders Statutory notice to change and representation period - commences from end February 2007, then.....? Continue development of transition plans and discussions with potential partners

24 Thank You Have Your Say

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